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    After school (I was at work), difficult child got upset because his friends couldn't play. This is a hug trigger for him. easy child made him go to his room (our new rule for when he loses control).

    After dinner we were talking about what happened after school. We went through each part of it and it came out that he had put a hole in his bedroom door when he threw a fit.

    I told him that there are consequenses when you break things around here. Putting a hole in the door isn't allowed. I told him that he had to go to bed 30 minutes early tonight.

    He of course got upset. He started throwing things and even kicked me. I explained that there are consequenses again in a very calm voice. I told him we needed to make his bed. We made the bed and then he got in it.

    We actually handled a melt down before it got out of hand. Remaning calm and just stating facts made a huge difference. So much better than when I get all emotional and yell and lose control myself! I feel like this is a success.
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    Great job!
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    Glad you were able to handle it so well!
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    Yes, a great big "Wow!" You did great in keeping your cool and not letting him pull you into an emotional battle. You kept your eye on the issue and off everyone's emotions. Great job!
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    Great job!
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    JLady A ship lost in the night

    I'm reading "Parenting your Asperger Child". It is really an eye opener. I'm reading about subtypes. My son has ADHD as well as Aspergers. His subtype is Anger Resistant Boy. He argues everything, he wants control. His emotions control him.

    Amazing.... the recommended approach for this type of AS child is to reamin calm and avoid power struggles. Being "matter of fact" with him really controlled the situation. This is really a good book and it is an easy read. It is written in plain English. I'm finding it very useful and I got it form my local library.

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    Way to go warrior mom!!!!
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    Isn't it wonderful when something works with our difficult children. Way to go warrior mum. :warrior: You did good.