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    how are you and your difficult child doing? Haven't seen a post for you in a few days so was wondering how you are holding up with difficult child inpatient? How is he doing there? Are they making any headway?
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    Hi there!

    Thanks for following up with me, that is very sweet of you.
    My difficult child just got home today from the psychiatric hospital.... and I am soooo happy!
    He was in for 8 days total. He said to me that he has learned some coping skills and ways to help control his anger. So that's great!

    He came home with the same diagnosis but they added Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) to the mix, and added Depakote and Concerta to his medications.
    I am going to stay optimistic and hope things go smoothly both at home and at school.

    Take care
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    I'm glad to hear he is home and to add Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) to the mix, my oldest had that add years ago (since then it's been removed as she's grown up and out of it). It's difficult but at least you know what it is. Perhaps the medication combination this time will help and since he now has some "new coping skills", maybe all things considered, things will be better for you. I hope things are better and you do see that you can and did survive (as did he) the inpatient stay for the future in case you ever have to do it again.
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    xlagirl - Glad to hear he's out & things are OK. Keep posting as its a great place for feedback & support..
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    Thank you guys. You know your right, he (and I) did survive the impatient. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
    I think that he really liked the structure of the psychiatric hospital. Although he hated there food. Probably due to his sensory issues. He also complained about there laundry soap. He hates the smell of it and wants me to re-wash all of his clothes. LOL....

    It was so wonderful getting hi home tonight, BUT... it was short lived~! Not more than 1 hour after getting home his anger was getting pretty bad and he started kicking the doors and punching things... luckily I was able to talk him out of it by bringing up his coping skills and I redirected him with offering food (go out and get a hamburger). Whew~!!

    The rest of the night, I kind felt like I was holding my breath...or walking on eggshells. He was VERY wound up, and would not sit down the whole night. I had to keep him doing activities one after another just to keep him stable and not think about the anger. I knew that one wrong word....and here we go all over again!
    I'm also on my own for the whole weekend as my daughter is staying with a friend.

    I'm really having doubts that he is stable... but I'm willing to give it more time.