Xmas with K and the grands. Update of sorts

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    No. We can't go to see them. A huge disappointment for everyone. But with the issues easy child has had with this pregnancy, it's best she stay near her own ob.

    A month or so ago the power cord to K's lap top burned out. I fretted and worried myself sick. I kept trying to call, but trying to call her at the motel where they live is a challenge all it's own. They've had phone issues since they've been there. I called and called. The phone would ring 3 times and shut me off.

    Finally I got a letter from K. The envelope told the story. She'd tried to recall the address from memory. All my info was on the laptop. And she'd badly misspelled the street name. It took them awhile, but since it's a small town they finally delivered the letter. By this time I'd been waiting almost in a panic.

    She explained about the laptop. I kept trying to call with the same thing happening each time. Frustrating as all heck. :mad:

    I'd planned to call tonight and make someone go to the room if it did it to me again. I'd fake a family emergency or something.

    Well, turns out K was fretting about getting in touch with us. She didn't know the letter had arrived.......And today it popped into her head that I'd said our phone number is the year Nichole was born. So she called collect. And I was so releaved!!!!!

    We had to come up with a plan for me to call her back. No way can I pay for a collect call. So she hung up and held onto the phone wire and I called back and was able to get thru. Nice long talk with her and the grandkids. :)

    Things are horrible there as far as the economy and taking a quick nosedive. Her husband got his hours cut in half. And being a dishwasher....he wasn't making much to start with anyway.:( Things have become desperate enough that now K is also attempting to find a job. Because K was so desperate to stay in touch with the family here, her husband attempted to "fix" the power cord issue himself and wound up frying the motherboard to the laptop with a power surge. ugh. So we'll be doing phone calls and letters for awhile.

    If someone had told me at this time last year I'd be shopping for K and Kayla, and Alex I'd have told them they were crazy. I'd resolved myself to never seeing or hearing from them again.

    It is truely a blessing to have the family united again. And it has been a blast to finally get to shop for Kayla, Alex, and now Evan. For the past 5 or so years I've grieved each xmas because it made the pain of their loss fresh again. But not this year. :D

    This year we're sending the Nana boxes directly to the motel because there are too many for K's husband to get home from his grandmother's house. lol I've noticed that everyone is happier, more content this year. The shadows of saddness the before lurked in the corners are gone.

    Kayla and Alex are in a xmas play. Kayla has a speaking part as a pinguin and Alex is a singing reindeer due to his speech issues. K is taking pics to send. I bet they're gonna be adorable!

    K is sending the kids school pics in the mail on wed. :)

    I'd told K that we were all going to chip in and buy her a new power cord for the laptop for hers and her husband's xmas. So it was a good thing I'd asked about it before I had Travis order it. (I was going to express mail it to her) So now I have to shop for her and her husband. Have no clue what to get them. But did warn her if I couldn't find something nice enough, I might go in with the kids and send them a walmart gift card with orders that it only be spent on her and her husband. (she's spent what little spare cash they have on the little bit she's been able to get the kids for xmas)

    Oh, and Kayla and Alex and Evan have "made" my present. lol Alex swore Nichole to secrecy and she won't tell me cuz I'll get mad at her. lol

    K's biomom was there and I had K tell her hello and Merry Xmas for me. K had told me that her Mom was blaming me for what had happened. I could let that bother me. I mean......it was biomom stating she thought K was doing drugs there that triggered alot of things.......But who cares? If bioMom felt it necessary to take the guilt off herself in order to attempt to rebuilt her relationship with her daughter....I really don't care. Biomom loves K and so do I, we both love the grands...and in the long run....that's all that really matters. I won't ever say anything bad to K about her Mom. She did her best and the worst she ever did was spoil K.

    So this year is a happy xmas despite the crapola economy and hard times. We are all so thankful to have each other that the material things really don't matter much at all.:D
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    I am so glad you two were able to get in touch again.

    Is there a library near K? She can use a library's computer to e-mail you and receive e-mails from you until she has a working one again? I do that when I am computerless.
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    Lisa, your post made me smile. I'm sure the grands will love the Nana boxes.
  4. Suz

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    Lisa, you sound positively giddy with happiness and contentment. I'm so glad; it's been a long time coming.

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    Wow - its wonderful to reconnect, isn't it? Enjoy!