Yesterday was the day from HELL!

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    Good Morning all. Yesterday was a horrific day. Ativan was the only way I got through it. Slept a lot later in the day. difficult child didn't want to go to school. There was an incident with a stupid teacher Friday. I emailed the principal and the problem was addressed Monday. Even so difficult child refused to go to school. And then -I- trying to be a good parent and forgetting WHO my child is - tell him he can't have tablet or XBOX if he didn't go and the **** hit the fan. Went on for hours. My lamp got broke, shoes were thrown at me. After that calmed down, the two of us had to drop my older son off somewhere and on the way back he wanted to listen to HIS music (if that's what you want to call I said NO because I am just so tired of giving this kid everything he wants to avoid an explosion. So...another meltdown. Grabbing the gearshift, steering wheel, etc. Whe we got back home he locked me out of the house. It never ends. But I'll tell you what...I told husband forget about this idea to get him off his medications. I honestly don't think it's the small decrease on the medications but I'm not taking any chances. psychiatrist appointment. Monday. Also want to get him a complete evaluation - I read somewhere that a neuropsychologist exam is better than a Psycheducational one. Anyone know about that? Anyway...he's in school today. And my house looks like a tornado hit it and I feel as if it hit me also. It is all so draining.
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    JMO, but... for the most part? An Ed.psychiatric. evaluation is... not much of an evaluation. They only look at things from the school perspective (although they "try" to think outside the box, supposedly).

    We don't have the neuropsychologist option where I am... but both the reputable child developmental/behavioural team evaluation and the PhD-level psychologist evaluation have worked for us... IF they have a broad enough range of experience.
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    Yikes!!!! What a day! I'm sorry.
    I would do both evalulations. Really. They are both important in their own way.
    The more people who see him, the more chances you have a nailing down an accurate picture and making a plan.
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    Ugh!! I can understand why you feel drained. At least he made it to school today. Yes, definitely go for the neuropsychologist evaluation. You will be able to get a much better idea of what is going on. Good luck.
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    Ugh. I am so sorry. We have had those days. Not for awhile now, but I understand. I hope tmrw is better.
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    Just wanted to drop a line and say: Been there, don't feel alone. There are days I look at my kid and just wonder what the **** is going on in his head! I've also had good days that turn bad, because I forgot who my son 'really' is. I forgot that the word NO means WAR! I'm basically always in survival mode, egg shells and all. But try clinging to those good moments. Keep them in the forefront of your head so as not to lose your sanity.
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    Ditto paperplate, could have written the same.....several of us here could,sigh.
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    YES. A neuropsychologist evaluation is far superior to a psychoeducational evaluation.
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    What a horrible day. It sounds scary as well especially with the car part. If it were me I'd be putting in a phone call to psychiatrist. Our difficult child used to get dangerous in the car and many of the times he ended up in the phsop afterwards. When he was violent in the car it was always when he was escalating everywhere and he couldn't be safe.