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Has anyone placed their difficult child at a YMCA summer camp? I am thinking of putting my difficult child at my local YMCA for the summer, but I'm concerned about whether they will work with the behavior issues that may arise. My difficult child still has not been fully diagnosed, but we think he may have ADHD.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>When our son was younger we sent him to camp and informed the camp of his ADD. He wasn't the only one there with it, so was a good experience. It wasn't specifically a Y camp, but I would think as long as they were prepared for your child's needs it could work. Is your child ready for a camp, is it a day or overnight camp? Sometimes it depends on the child if they can handle it. It sure is a plus for parents to get a little respite too.

Just looked at the age of your son...my son didn't go to overnight camp until age 10. A day camp for son meaning a couple of hours I think would be a better fit....just my 2 cents...</span>


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When mine were little like yours, they went to a YMCA day camp and it was a wonderful experience for them. As they grew older and the activities were more for younger children, they became bored and so we switched to a local town camp where the lead counselors incorporated the mid-size kids (like ages 11-13) to become counselors in training and that was wonderful. Along with this local day camp, I began sending them to 2 weeks overnight YMCA camps (specifically for girls) and those were also wonderful experiences!

There were many kiddos at both camps who had varying degrees of ADHD, so I wouldn't be concerned - just let them know ahead of time. The counselors really keep them busy and occupied and active all day that he'd really have to TRY and be disruptive enough to make it a bad experience for anyone other than himself. My kids would come home completely exhausted and crash by 7:30PM.


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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with YMCA summer camps. Because my son is only 4, I was going to put him in the day camp. They have an open house on Saturday and I will talk to the director and let them know that he may have ADHD. I think he will enjoy it.


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Well I work for my YMCA and I talk with the staff regularly. We have the ability to deal with most of the everyday ins and outs of ADHD but find out if they are licensed by the state or not. This will make all the difference, mine is not and staf is very limited in how we deal with the kids. I work in the office but my difficult child is the hardest for any of them to put up with. Our director for child care for afterschool has been a saint and I would let you borrow him if I could he earns every penny just with mine. Just keep the line open and listen when they say it was a hard day that's all they ask. (bring in some dounuts or coffee HAHA) I hope this helps.


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I have a 10yr old boy, who was diagnosed with-ADHD...and is on medications along with-Prozac for depression. He was in a YMCA "day/summer camp" last year....attended 3days/week. It really helped him, gained him some long-lasting friendships (which he really needed)...and I agree with-1 other poster....my son came home EXHAUSTED...and usually "begging" to go to sleep.

My son is EXTREMELY active, although I was into sports as well...but he enjoyed his day...they keep the kids moving...with-all sorts of activities, & even weekly field trips!

A wonderful idea...in my opinion, if you can afford it :wink: