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How is it going at school for difficult child? How is husband adjusting to being a SAHD? Is easy child doing well? How about you? Did you survive the visit from extended family?
Enquiring minds want to know!
Hello! Yes, I'm alive and well. Sister has left (much sadness on all parts) so now I can get at the computer in the morning again. Except this morning, which feels just like a Monday so I didn't want to get out of bed.

difficult child cried the first day but has since decided he likes this school. Except when he's asking to go back to his other one. Sigh. Asks why he's not going there. Over and over. We're now down to just saying, "Behavior" since explanations about whacking people weren't going too far. He has a pal who seems very nice and lives in the neighborhood. Guess what? He's a difficult child, too! The mom seemed very excited about the recommendation for The Explosive Child. Recommended a local (free) parenting class to us. Well, these cubs are everywhere, huh?

Sister was here supporting husband during the easy child break (boy, was easy child a PITA the whole time) so this is husband's first week all on his own as a SAHD. I'll send him the link even though we're (thankfully) past the diaper and formula stage.

I set up a bin system with different kinds of work for difficult child to do in the afternoon with husband. I can't imagine that he is actually going to learn much in Kindergarten so I figure we need to supplement his education in the afternoon. A casual sort of thing -- finish one item from each color of bin (there are four) and you can play video games for a while. Yeah, that'll motivate him. He's so good at Mario Kart now, it's scary.

Anyway, I have to dash. Thanks for checking up on me. I'll be able to get back into the posting groove again now that we're back on a schedule. Hope all is going well with you!


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I'm such a loser lol, I posted a thread about where you were, and here you are LMAO! I guess I hadn't scrolled down far enough.

Glad to hear things are okay. Once he gets used to the new school, I'm sure he'll be fine. Fingers crossed.

The bins sound like a good idea. Hope husband likes being a SAHD. I was a stay at home mom for a while....was glad to get back into the workplace lol.


You're very kind to think of me! So far, so good, but then he usually holds it together for a week at a new place. He wants to go back to the Montessori school but I just don't see that happening for a bit.

husband and difficult child didn't use the bins yesterday; they just worked on difficult child's homework after difficult child's "power nap" of about 2 1/2 hrs. They gave him a number of worksheets to do (I think for the week) and he's at least half-way through. Nothing like, "Do three pages and you can play video games" huh? I am interested to see which kinds of activities difficult child will pick from the bins, though. husband got a pair of tix to a baseball game as a going-away gift from someone at his old job, so he is taking difficult child to the ball game this afternoon. All kinds of stuff you just can't do when you're working.

Thanks again for checking up on me!


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How did difficult child do at the ball game? I'v thought about taking difficult child to a baseball game, but I've felt that it would go bad....that difficult child would become bored.

I'm glad to hear things went well during the first week of school. Of course, dad gets the long power nap. Does he nap for you??


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That was one of my questions too....he NAPS ?????????????????
Lucky you !

Glad to hear he's doing well (fingers & toes crossed) at the public school!
Hello, all! difficult child did well at the ball game. I'm told he was a bit whiny at first but then started to like it. husband bought him a baseball and mini-bat (of course) and then they left the game a little early to get the-not-very-easy child-anymore when her school let out. They finished off difficult child's homework and started another workbook. I was so pleased!

Yes, difficult child will nap. This is one area where he's actually different from me as a child. [Sadly, there are few differences ...] He gets tired around 1 or 2 and will often nap at least an hour. However, the pre-schools and pre-K all wanted the cubs to rest earlier and he wasn't ready. So, he'd be a pest and then be extra tired and crabby later in the afternoon. Up until last year, if you really ran him in the morning, he'd sleep for three hours. Those power naps are probably why he is alive today.

So far, so good at the public school. The shorter day helps. But we'll see how he does after he's been there long enough to get comfortable enough to let his true self show. *whimper* Hey, wait! Why am I whimpering? husband gets the call now!


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"Hey, wait! Why am I whimpering? husband gets the call now!"

hee hee hee ! THANK GOD, huh?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

So jealous :smile: :rofl: