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    There are some things I keep in containers in our bedroom. Like chocolate chips. Otherwise they get eaten with-o anyone making cookies or whatever and when I want them to do something they are just gone. husband and I bought some new containers for flour, sugar etc... and there was one that was just right for the big bags of choc chips I have - the size you get a Sam's, not the little groc store bags.

    husband and I had to go run an errand today. I saw the lid for the choc chip container on the floor in the living room almost under the chair she was sitting in. I knew what it went to, and knew she had NOT asked to have some or to cook with them. So I handed her the lid, told her I wanted it back on whatever it went to because the containers were expensive and I didn't want the top ruined.

    So we come home, I go to put stuff up in the bedroom and see brown lumps on the floor. NOT what my daughter wanted me to see. I was already irritable because the typical teen things have been piling up.

    So I chewed her out. Let her know that I knew a LOT of the stuff she tries to get away with. Mostly it is stupid little stuff and I don't say a word. Things like drinking the cans of coke I had my name on so htat when I get a migraine there is a cold coke - often all that stays down for 24 hrs or more. Yes, I believe that they keep "exploding" in the fridge. Sure. Esp when there is NO sticky residue on the floor, the fridge, the seal on the fridge that no one but me cleans, etc.... Sure. Yeah. They exploded. Right. And that is why a half empty can is beside your chair.

    So after I chewed on her a while, pointing out that I know she has done X, Y and Z, I proceeded to blow her mind. How?

    I told her that she is just too dang SMART to leave evidence like that!! For crying out loud, if you have GOT to sneak something, how stupid is it to leave a trail on the floor = esp when the only other person home is the CAT???

    husband was standing with us, because if he isn't there and I say one of the kids can't do something, they "forget" and slide it by him for a few days. (again, typical teen and rarely something I make a big deal about or even comment on to them- I just don't provide whatever they want associated with the rule.) He started to sputter when I told her she was just too dang smart to leave evidence like that - if you are going to sneak then take some pride in your stealth and don't leave evidence!

    Seriously. ALL kids do this kind of thing. I did. Every chld I know did and every parent I know knows their kids did this stuff.

    But how DUMB do you have to be to leave a trail? To leave the lid in another room when it is a very distinctive lid - only 1 like it in the house?

    I think what upsets me is that she put almost NO effort into hiding it or cleaning up after it so we wouldn't notice. THAT is offensive. NO child of mine should be that idiotic by the time they are a teenager. HOW will she EVER learn to function int he world if she can't even get a few choc chips out while I am sleeping or not home without leaving great big signs that shout "I TOOK YOUR CHOCOLATE WITHOUT ASKING!!!!!"????? Any roommate would run all over her!!! Esp when they pms at the same time!!!

    (She took chips out twice - once last night while I was sleeping, then more while we were out this am. Maybe I could see botching it once, but twice? In less than 12 hours???)

    Well, it wasn't all bad. husband and I got a good laugh out of it. What more can we ask for?
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    Sometimes you gotta wonder. That sound sooooo much like my difficult child, only he tries to blame it on his brother. It usually backfires but he keeps trying it anyway. Glad you got a laugh out of it.
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    Yup. typical teen stuff but still it can drive you a tad crazy.

    Travis still tends to do it sometimes. lol
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    OMG, I almost spit coffee on my monitor.

    This is just like some of O's minor escapades. In fact... The day I found choc chips in the pillowcase in her bedroom, she had been complaining of ants in her room. When I stopped laughing, I pointed out to her that they like chocolate, too.

    FWIW - if it should happen again. Chocolate is HORRIBLE for pets. And some cats like it. Example: MANY moons ago, AngelKitten was probably 3-4 y/o. I was preparing for my wedding to XH. We had the Easter-egg Dove Promises, and I was sorting out the ones that would match our wedding colors - the rest went in a big bowl on top of the fridge.

    Got home from work one day - mind, she was my ONLY animal - and the bowl was on the floor, little eggs everywhere... Empty wrappers... Lots of them. And a susequent trip to the vet, because she was puking everywhere. THAT was what saved her.
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    Chocolate isn't good for any household pet. Capn Morgan is strange. He likes bread. And cat food. Usually won't even eat people tuna, just the cat food kind. But bread is NOT safe. If is it in a wrapper he becomes enamored of it. ALL bread has to be kept in the fridge or freezer now, because ick. Only cat I ever knew who would eat toast but only with-o butter on it. My other cats ate the butter off and left the bread, lol.
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    Someone forgot to inform Betsy chocolate isn't good for her..........

    She at a 3lb bag of M&M's when she was 3 months old. Didn't so much as give her diarrhea, but she sure had a satisfied look on her face. omg
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    Miss KT used to blame everything on the cat. Why the cat wanted my makeup, I'll never know...
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    Well, I did have a cat who wanted makeup. But I used food color markers because makeup isn't good for them - makes them sicker than chocolate. I know because a cat I had as a kid ate a lipstick. It was mint flavored and she loved all mint, not jsut catnip. That was NOT fun to clean up.

    Have you ever let Ms KT know that YOU know it wasn't the cat? What does she say now?
  9. AnnieO

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    Well, you know...

    AngelKitten also liked peas - no butter. I posted a YouTube video of her here a while back.

    Squirrel likes candy canes. NOT regular peppermints, just candy canes... And plastic bags.

    Possum likes black coffee. You put creamer or sugar in, and he doesn't want it.

    Furballs like all kinds of odd stuff. But... LOL my point was, guilt Jess... LOL!
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    My 5 pound havanese is living proof that chocolate must not kill all dogs because he has eaten his weight in chocolate several times over. Not only has he eaten M&M's, he has eaten Hersey's kisses (whole bags of them), Ho ho's, boxes of cordial cherries, boxes of Valentines day name it, if he can find it, he will eat it. He has been known to climb things and open drawers to get at sweets. He also likes to find a bottle of soda that is capped and run off with it and chew a hole in it and drink the soda out. LMAO.
  11. buddy

    buddy New Member funny (and not so funny at times). Mine too....I get it. Other things I hate....the crazy lying, having to ask that underwear and other clothes not land in the living room floor when he suddenly decides to change on the way to bedroom, leaving refridgerator food out, destroying the bathoom by just brushing his teeth (what am I gonna do when he has to shave?) and on and on and on.
    I. like you, pick and choose my battles so I let some things slide but internally they do build a little. I am pretty good at letting them go thank heaven. The whole "a" basket, "b" basket, "c" basket priority system--that book changed my guilt ridden life 6-8 years ago. Learned a simple way to explain to well-intentioned advice givers (and not so well intentioned critics) why he gets away with some of what he gets away with (for now).
    (HAHA...Now I work on realizing no one needs or deserves an explanation about our personal life. I dont need to be liked by everyone, etc. heehee There is always something to work on-keeps life interesting, smile)
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I DID IT SUSIE* --------- was not JESS........hahahah mwahahahaha........

    How about that one?!

    Nods at Jess - and now? (wink) send Auntie Star some of Mommas face cream - lalalala........and a coke. (snort)
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    Star, I know it wasn't YOU because YOU are far better at sneaky and owuld NOT leave a trail.
  14. InsaneCdn

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    Unless, of course, she was doing that deliberately, just to mess with your brain??
  15. susiestar

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    Could be, IC, but I have strong doubts that Star would come all this way and NOT at least say hi or leave a donkey in my yard to graze. Esp as my yard is about 2 feet high because our mower broke and we haven't been able to afford another one. Plus husband likes the "natural" look and it is one reason we bought a place in the country where there were NO restrictions on how high the grass could be, lol!