You know it's been a snowy winter when......

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. timer lady

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    I let Lenny, my goofy but wondrous service dog out in the back yard just 30 minutes or so ago. He's a Cavalier Spaniel a small thing & my yard is fenced (I believe the fence is 4 ft high).

    I went out to call Lenny in & dang if he wasn't in the alley. kt & her staff person A went tearing out to see while I'm making my way out to the garage. Just as I got to the garage Lenny comes running back in the yard with the biggest grin on his face ~ you know, one of those doggie grins.

    kt & A went searching the fence to see how he got out. Turns out the snowbank next to the garage towers over the fence & Lenny just pranced out of the yard.

    kt & A, even as we speak, are digging the hill of snow down way below the fence as our neighbors are giggling.

    There are 6 more inches being forecast over night ~ I'm really hating this winter.
  2. HaoZi

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    Glad he came right back home!
  3. TeDo

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    I am so with you there. We are in a winter storm warning from 6pm tonight to 6am TUESDAY morning. They are saying 7-10 inches for us. And wouldn't you know it, my snowblower won't start and it's a weekend and the first 5 inches are due overnight tonight. UGH!!
  4. HaoZi

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    Right now we're under winter storm watch until Wednesday evening. Not entirely sure what that means - "Watch the weather"? I was raised by a meteorologist and never got the point of a "watch" outside of tornado weather (because by the time there was a warning it's too late anyway).
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    You just keep your snow.......... I'm standing outside 10 hours a day and don't want any more right now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
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    Years ago I bought my mom a ChowChow for Christmas one year. The following spring we fenced in the backyard. The day the fence was finished the dog pushed under the fence and the kid went over it. For years the dog couldn't be put out in the yard without being on a chain because he would find a spot to push out and be gone. About 10 years later we had a really snowy winter and I got tired of having to trudge through knee deep snow to take the dog out so I just let him out in the back yard to see what he would do. It was so funny. He went to all his normal spots and couldn't find one he could push out so he stayed in the yard, all the while he was looking over the fence and could have easily just stepped over it and gone on his run.
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    Mr. Rowdy man, our elderly white lab who lives outside, decided to play "chase the kitty" with Minnie, one of our outside cats, as husband was at the back yard gate trying to hook a leash onto Betsy to bring her into the house. Rowdy jumped over both betsy and husband and took off.

    husband tried to catch him, tried to call him back..........

    I think I said in another thread not long ago that my family never listens to me that Rowdy always comes to the front porch a short time after leaving the yard. Always. husband comes inside furious and swearing and got madder when I didn't get appropriately upset.

    I told him to calm down. Rowdy would be waiting on the front porch. husband was all no he won't he's gone for good...........So I got up, opened the front door and there Mr. Rowdy was hoping to come inside. LOL

    So yeah, I sooooooooo know that grin. lol

    And we have nasty weather headed our way too. Wintery mix (gawd I hate that) before the snow hits. ugh
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    LMAO ! We got 18 inches last week and now they are predicting 8 more this week. We have huge mountains of snow everywhere ! Spring come quick please ....:sled:
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    I know the doggie grin you mean...Bud gets one when he's exceptionally pleased with himself.