mentally ill adult child

  1. K

    Drawing boundaries and not being ruled by sadness and guilt

    Hi everyone, My name is Kristi and I have an adult son who was born a brilliant and beautiful young man and yet in his teenage years (divorce/unkind father/me trying to sit ice my marriage/early and undiagnosed signs of major depression) he started using drugs and over the last 10 years he’s...
  2. Elsi

    How do you help a homeless and suicidal son?

    Hi, I’m new here and hoping to find some perspective and advice. I am trying to figure out how to help my 32 year old son, C. He’s always struggled but is at a crisis point now and I don’t know whether the answer is ‘hold firm on the tough love/non-enabling line’ or ‘throw him a stronger life...
  3. W

    19 year old mentally ill son terrorizing family.

    My son is 19 and has been having rages since he was 3. I fought medication for him untill he was 11. Initially the medicine seem to help and he did well in school and controlled himself while he was there. Home was a completely different matter. He's very big and strong and has torn doors off...