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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    At 1:15 AM I was laying in bed nearly asleep and I hear a womans voice screaming, yelling, crying, and then a man yelling. I think it is the TV so I turn it off and STILL hear the commotion. At this point the dogs are going berzerk.

    I looked out of my bedroom window to see on the dirt road a vehicle with it's lights on, and I could make out 2 men, one yelling and jerking this woman around. I called 911, woke DF.

    I am on the phone describing what I can barely see but completely hear. I tell her I can hear a man beating a woman and screaming at her. She says "But can you see it?" and I said "No." and held the phone out so she could record this woman screaming at the top of her lungs to stop beating her. The dispatch gets turse with me and says "But you said he was beating her, how do you know that for sure if you can't see it?" (deer in the headlight moment) "Well why else would someone scream you're breaking my arm, stop it, you're hurting me over and over?" (dispatch in the headlight moment)

    About that time the vehicle takes off - keep in mind - 100 yards away, in moon light and a security light - I couldn't tell, but it pulled away. And not 10 seconds later we hear pounding at our door. Not knocking, but hysterical, screaming like you are being burned alive. The 911 operator told us not to open the door that this is a trick. Her boyfriend/accomplice is outside. She continues shrieking at the top of her lungs. I asked sternly WHO IS IT? She replied "It's me, Jessica, Michael's fiance." DF says "Do we know you?" and she screams "NO PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR HE'S GOING TO KILL ME." With that the 911 operator says nothing - and DF stood back armed and I opened the door and let her in. No one else was outside.

    The operator was trying to get information from her through me. We tried to calm her down, but you could see she was about 20, drunk -in denial about that. When I told the 911 operator I thought she was intoxicated (not drunk) she snapped at me "I'm NOT intoxicated" she said "I've just had a few beers." -Um honey you reak of alcohol. "How old ARE you?" she says "I'm twenty." I said "Who gave you alcohol?" She said "IT WASN'T ALCOHOL it was BEER!" Then she began through the best Drama queen act to tell us how this man was her fiance/picked her up for a date/ picked up a known crackhead from jail and she asked to be taken home the MINUTE she found out he was doing drugs. I sat across from her and said "Uh huh okay." Of course she pasted herself in this story to me as innocent. When she finally reached her Mom and sister on the phone she painted quite a different picture of how she told him this and that and all of a sudden realized she had shown me her other side - I'll call it the LIAR side. So she tried to back track and tone it down, but I've got that "OH YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR KID" look down pat. THAT peeved her off. I said nothing - just looked.

    ~as 2 parents of a MAJOR league difficult child - we weren't buying it, and she wasn't selling it very well. It became more than obvious that this minor league difficult child woman was using the divide and conquer technique. I said very little to her DF said even less, but because I said ANYTHING at all - she figured with a few turns of her head and an eyelash batting she could "win" him over. Pathetic to watch really, and with each uh huh we gave - she would turn up the difficult child tactics. Totally not into this at 1:30 AM.

    The 911 operator finally hung up and the 20 year old woman said "I wan't my Mommy."and it wasn't Mom, Momma, it was like a long drawn out screaming MOMMMMMEEEEEEEE to which I thought of the video Terry2 put up yesterday, but for real she was hysterically crying, "I just want to go home, he took my shoes, he has my purse, he beat me, points to arm that I susupect now is NOT broken but sprained and starts with the OWWWWwwwwwwwwwww (huge drama) he broke my arm, I wan't my Moooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." I finally had enough and said "Oh for Goodness sake." And none of this is getting a rise out of either DF or myself. When as if on cue she figures out that I'm not buying it - she immediately tries to be cutesy with DF. She said "Sir, may I have one of your cigarettes?" Sure - hands cigarette. "Do you have a light?" uh huh - lights cigarette while she gives him the Doe eye - DF laughed, looked at me and walked outside. And that laugh is one like "You're a stupid little girl."

    So then she calls - (ready for this) The father and mother of the boy who beat her. She is screaming on the phone at them - we shut the windows praying the man isn't still driving around looking for her and hears her then comes to our yard and gets himself in bigger trouble. They hung up on her. And she started rocking and screaming. I asked her calmly "Are you in pain?" "YESSSSSSS" as if I'm an idiot. I then said "You refused EMT services twice and stated you are not intoxicated, so you must not be in that much pain." I get the typical GTH look. Then she tried to call long distance and I said the phone had a long distance block on it and she started wtih the bending at the waist, screaming "MOMMMmmmmmmmeeee." and I said "Okay Jessica look - you need to call your mom - we'll find a way, but the police are coming to get your statement and have said they will take you home." I undid the phone, handed it to her and she called her Mom.

    After 5 minutes of begging, crying, please, PLEASE, screaming, then hissing (literally) she asked WHERE AM I? I told her and her Mother said to give the phone to me. Her mother was beyond drunk and stoned, slurring her words like she just got home from a bar. We wondered WHO had this womans TWO children ? - Slurring her words, taking forever to finish a sentence, long pauses finally says "Well I (hick up) couldn't find my house let alone yours- could you just bring her home?" And I stated again that the police were on their way and would give her a ride home, that I was not driving 25 miles or getting involved any more than I was - She is safe, she has cigarettes, and we're waiting for the police." The Mom says "ohkheeeay put her back on the phone." Not thank you, not appreciate it - just PUT her back on the phone. Handed back the phone - and the kid went ballistic. Her Mother hung up. I told her in a very calm voice that we don't scream in our home, and she needed to find away to calm herself down. With that I got another GTH look and she marched right out the door to DF standing ouside waiting on the cop.

    She said (priceless) with her head tilted like a 4 year old "You're wife is being MEAN to me" (think shirley temple here) and he said "No, No Jessica she is not - she asked you to stop screaming and calm down, this is our home ." And with that she gave hand signals and trounced out of our country driveway on to a gravel paved road in bare feet, drunk and at 1:45 in the blinking morning with a crazy crack head boyfriend on the prowel for her.

    I called 911 back and told them that she had left on foot and the condition she was in. I also told him that my loyalties stop after this phone call as she felt I was "mean" ie - I did not let her have her way. He also agreed. I told him if she came back - I would not open the door. He agreed. He said "let her sit outside and beat and kick and scream." I said she could scream all she wanted - if she beat my door I would press charges. The cop agreed.

    Within a span of 10 minutes she had beaten on every country door for 1/2 a mile - (making good time in bare feet, drunk and broken arm) and 911 calls were off the hook. But WHO do they come to? Uh huh - us. The officer said he responded as quick as he could because one elderly woman called and said some crazy white woman was at her door and she was going to shoot her if she didn't leave! They have it on 911 tapes, and could hear this woman screaming and pounding just like she did us. The 911 lady told the elderly woman to tell the woman she was armed and would shoot. She apparently did and with that she left and went to someone elses house OMG.
    She could have been killed numerous times - and again WHO had those babies of hers? WHY was she out partying with 2 kids at home anyway? DF was totally disgusted.

    We had to fill out blinking paperwork . The officer was actually decent -we told him what we knew, handed him the reports and this smart guy - asks for our phone and figured out how to get the last numbers dialed - and wrote down everyone she called for follow up. He said he was sorry it took 30 minutes to get there but he was up the road in a hostage situation involving a man with a shotgun. (It was a nice shotgun - showed us)

    It crossed our minds that this was a set up to get into the house - to see what was "available" and believe me - the MAN CAVE is filthy, dusty, and has nothing at all of value in it unless you like old animal skulls, horns and biker memorabilia. So we are confident if it was a "ploy" she was severely underwhelmed. I have been told that this 23 year old man is a known crack head. His father is about as awful and in denial as the kid is. I have been told they are HUGE trouble.

    At this point - We're aware of the truck he drives (we saw him driving around while the woman was in the house). The cop said if we see him in our yard - call. He'll probably be vindictive. DF and I told him if he comes in our yard, or tries to get into our home it's not going to be a favorable outcome as we both would do what we could to avoid a lethal situation, but if we are threatened in our own home by this individual, we will take action. The cop agreed. He asked us if all our weapons were registered, yes. Classes up to date etc. Yes. Okay good. Well thanks so much - and left.

    I kept thinking afterwords - ONLY you Star........lol
  2. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Geez. That is a disaster in the making.

    Try to do something good for someone...this is what you get.

  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    After our last run in with local police we SWORE that we wouldn't call or get involved - and here we are.

    So much for my stand against the bureaucracy.
  4. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    The twenty year old has two children? Yeah, I'm wondering who had them too, especially if the mother is a drunk too. I hope they called CPS.
  5. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    OMG - what a fiasco!
  6. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Do they have detox in your area? I hope they picked her up and stripped her bare and put her in the detox tank to get over herself. They have that here, and they can hold you until you sober up, and if you can't calm down the 72 hour hold isn't far behind. I can't see her reacting politely to "Spread your cheeks and cough."
  7. everywoman

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    Life in the south.....
  8. meowbunny

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    Personally, I'm proud of you! Regardless that the young lady (?!) was drunk, she was being hurt and you did protect her. I'm sorry she became such a PITA. Stupid, foolish child but what do you expect if this is the example her mother sets.

    I hope the boyfriend doesn't come by now that it is done and over.

    You, however, should take a bow!
  9. Tiapet

    Tiapet Old Hand

    Yes, only you Star! Just kidding. It's the human in us that provokes us to do the kind/right thing. Who would have thought having difficult child's would have trained us for all sorts of things and situations in life. Just like you found, I have found that having gone through different things I handle things differently then the next one would in rare situations as well.

    Pat on the back for you for knowing what to do when with her.

    Here's to hoping they never show faces again around your parts!
  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Once again, truth is stranger than fiction.
  11. Steely

    Steely Active Member

    Holy Crikey..............what a drama!
    Did the girl have bruises?
    Did they prove it was the boyfriend that was holding those folks hostage?
    Another couple of weeks, and I am sure we will see them on some TrueLife Crime Show - just too much.
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Sadly enough I have been beaten and battered and know the difference between someone pounding the cake out of you and a drama queen.

    If I had to go to court tomorrow and testify on HER behalf I swear to you I do NOT know that I could because 1.) I did not see him strike her 2.) I only heard him screaming at her 3.) After spending 24 minutes with her I could have screamed at her too. 4.) The fact that no one - NO ONE she knew Mom, dad, sister, future inlaws cared enough about her version of the truth to come and get her. 5.) She was not nice. 6.) she seemed oblivious to her safety as it pertained to her children's future. ALL WHICH I absolutely understand.

    Despite all that - What would make me want to bury him under the jail? 1.) He's a crack head 2.) She said he hit her 3.) I did hear him yelling 4.) I saw the once familiar "hunt" to find a hiding and scared woman 5.) He has a reputation with law enforcement for not being a nice person in any way. 6.) It would have been nice just once for ANYONE to have believed me and put my x in jail just once for things he did.

    As far as them coming back? I guess you would have to get ONE gander at DF - even from a distance, and disabled he strikes a formidable and unapproachable stature. I know he's nice - but unless you know him - you'd think otherwise.

    So we're doing the wire fencing on the end of our property with a small gate - argh....

    It's the best I can do!

    I hope she's okay. There were SO MANY things I wanted to say - and would have, had she not been drunk. I won't waste my precious words on pickled ears.

    I have had PTSD flashbacks all day - if they do not go away I will be making an apt for some EMDR therapy. I couldnt sleep for thinking of her and remembering what it was all like - we're all just a hair away from insanity every day.
  13. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Do you have your NRA sticker prominently displayed, Star?
  14. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Star...who knew we lived on the same street?
  15. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Star, you did the right thing, even if it was difficult. I mean, how could you NOT have let her in, even if she was drunk. What if you hadn't let her in and then they found what was left of her in your yard this morning!

    Who knows! She may have been so drunk that she won't even remember that she came to your house last night! If she has children, I feel very, very sorry for them - poor kids! They couldn't be very old if she's only twenty.
  16. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Whoops! Board burp!
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    The occupant of this house is a biker
    He hates, conmen, salesmen and beggars
    So unless you are blind or just plain stupid
    If you bother him
    you can bet your @$$ he's going to stomp the *&^% out of you

    That is the greeting at the back door of the ranch. We get more chuckles from people out it. IT's black with white lettering and really stands the test - to date only one salesperson with frozen shrimp has ever knocked on the door. WHen DF answered - he said "Boy can't you read?" and the man said "Uh no, no I can't sir."

    I heard DF chuckle and then he said - "WELL what ARE you selling?" We put him in a category by himself. The other sign we have tells people that the DOGS live here - not them. IF they dont' like what the dogs do - they're free to leave. Family first.

    -Obviously we do not get many visitors - and we like it.
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Witz, - We wrote the NRA a nasty letter, never got a sticker - just daily requests of send money help this lobby that lobbyist. Unreal - they aren't what they used to be.

    WE DO have a sign on our shop with a hand and a pistol that says

    BE WARNED - NOTHING in this shop is worth your life.
  19. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Holy cow!

    I'm glad you're licensed and that you took your time answering the door until you had a plan.

    She had no idea she had fallen into expert hands--parents with-a difficult child who keep their cool. Way To Go!!!!!

    My husband brought home a drunk blonde when we were newlyweds. He got off work around midnight, then went for a run around the lake at 1 a.m.. It was -20 (in MN) and some drunk crashed her car into the frozen lake. He "rescued" her. Sigh. He came in and woke me up and told me to make her coffee and keep her comfortable because that's what his mother would do. Say what? She was a 20-something-bottle-dyed floozie in 4" spike heels and a leather miniskirt and faux fur coat--unbuttoned--and as I mentioned, it was -20. I told husband to call the police.
    Now that I'm older and wiser, I would have just gone into the bedroom, locked the door, and called the police on my own. But like a fool, I listened to him. We went through a similar procedure that you did, except it was dialing complete strangers and waking them up because she was too drunk to hit the dial correctly, and we finally got her boyfriend, who blew up on the ph and said he was coming to get her. It was more of a threat than a promise. She burst into tears and wailed and we felt awful because we thought that getting her a ride would be a good thing. Her boyfriend showed up with- another thug (one had a blk leather jacket and the other had cigs rolled up his sleeve--no coat--and they dragged her down the apt. stairs. I have no doubt that they beat her. Apparently this was the 3rd time she had crashed his car.
    After all these yrs, I still feel badly for not calling the police.

    People have no idea what a ripple effect their behavior causes when they step into others' lives.