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Anyone with difficult child around this age willing to share their stories and advice.I've been looking through the posts but am having a difficult time finding posts from parents of childrens with full blown Conduct Disorder. Although my difficult child has had symptoms of CD for a while she had just been diagnosed. She is not on medications. it will probibly be a few more months for a full diagnosis.(possible bi-polar). I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind dealing with all the the violence, swearing, and screaming. ( I hear everyday shut the f$#@ up you stupid B&*%#)I keep changing hiding places for so many different things that I spend a huge amount of time trying to remember what new place I hid something in. My daughter will even steal lit cigarettes from my hand.She was sent to a detention center for 10 days a few months ago for injuring me ; but a judge sent her home with a new program for "trouble" kids. Not for mentally ill kids.She doesn't get as violent with me now because she is afraid that she will be sent back to detention.But as a lot of you you the anger has to go somewhere so coffee tables and things are being broken on a regular basis now.If this makes any sence I'm as sane as the day is long(except for the overwhelming Depression of course) But I think I'm losing my mind. Thanks for listening


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Hi Sybil,

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Like I said in my other post to you...copy this over to the General forum and you will get alot of responses. This is the insurance forum. The General Forum is where we congregate to discuss our difficult children..

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I have a 10 year old son that sounds like your daughter. I have replaced broken windows in the past among other things. I would contact your local social services bureau and they should be able to assist you. Even though my son has private insurance and my husband and I both work full time he is able to get a medical card which pays for everything that the private insurance doesn't. He also has a case manager and qualifys for respite care. I have never used the repsite care but have sure thought about it. Does your daughter have an IEP at school? If she is being that violent maybe you should consider hospitalization..I know each State is different when it comes to benefits but I would think that your daughter would qualify for some type of assistance. My son has the S.E.D. waiver card...severely emotionally disturbed due to the fact that he was diagnosis with ADD and bipolar. We are also looking at CD & ODD. I wish you luck and hope you find some assistance....Best wishes


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I discover this site looking for some help for one of my sons.I have four children. They are:
Child1 daughter 23 years old (single parent one child, abusive boyfriend)
Child2 daughter 20 years old (single parent of two, ADDH,ODD Dixlecia)
Child3 son 17 years old (clinicly depress, try suicide once)
Child4 son 15 years old (ADDH, ODD school is looking for the way to expulse him from continuation school)
All of them live with me, father was vervally and physically abusive and I took him out of the equiation 12 years ago.....I don't know if he is alive or death.
I read your note and brough memories of my child2 and child3, the yelling, cursing,fighthing, the continuos trips to the principal's office the feeling AW!!! why, how, when do these children learn those words??? I don't know but has been an uphill battle...but there is hope...I do belive that sooner or latter the light will come up on their brains....and then they will be allright.
Meanwhile, thank you for having this site, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I don't want to leave my bed....but I have a large household to support and there I go.

Keep up the faith and are not alone.


I have a 15, almost 16 yr old who has been diagnosis CD since about 12. But still with no mental health diagnosis that makes sense. I believe mine is also BiPolar (BP) but he doesn't demonstrate the depressive side well enough for anyone to recognize it. He's been in and out of placements (many different kinds) for a couple of yrs now. He's been in hospitals for months, jail for 6+ weeks. Still no improvement.

I'm on 3 anti-depressants, can't get myself together to work,... yes, I'm a mess. Unemployed 4 yrs now. Lost my house, welfare, the whole nine yards. Family won't help, can't understand.... well don't want to bother to try.


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Sybill, I'm going to move this to the General forum. There are several parents who have gone through what you are going through.
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