10 day suspension tracking / letter of clarification


Ok most of you know that the SD cannot "suspend" longer than 10 days... ots known as the "red line" or Honig rule.

* Honig held that students could not be suspended for more than 10 days....

Well it gets confusing.

The 10 days is cumulative and can include:

* in house suspensions
* bus suspensions
* etc.

So what to do:

"Fix it once Fix it Write"


Dear Superintendent So & So,

My difficult child was suspended this week for two days, I am writing to you to request clarification of this suspension.

This two days combined with the 3 days in house is a total of 5 days leaving only 5 left under the Honig rule.

Please confirm to me in writing that this is what your records reflect.


Mrs. difficult child

cc: attorney file

This way you are never blind sided, and it opens up dialogue with Supt and "discipliners" about what they are doing.

Hugs N Love!!!


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