13 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People

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    Wow. Just wow. Do I see myself too much in this list?

    "LIfe is not within our control. What we can control, though, is how we respond to what we are given. The difference between happy people and chronically unhappy people is how they choose to exert the control they have in their own lives.

    Chronically unhappy people:

    Stop at the part where life is hard.

    Lead with fear.

    Shut down when life happens.

    Embrace the word "but". Two words that keep people from living the life they really want to live are "Yeah...but"

    Find it impossible to say "YES!!!"

    Don't allow themselves fun.

    Resign themselves to dissatisfying relationships.

    Stay in miserable job situations.

    Numb out on electronics.

    Allow toxic people to take us space (my comment: Sometimes these are our own children)

    Ignore their health.

    Fail to acknowledge the opportunities they have to create change.

    (For t he whole article plus ways to be happy, click below. Yes, Maria Shriver!) there are many articles, but this particular one is in the second row.

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    Sounds like many of our difficult young adult kids who can't seem to get their life together.
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    Yes. I thought of that. it is even more telling if you read the whole article.
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    I went on the website. I really like some of the articles. I recognized several of those traits in myself....shudder.