5 more days of suspension...

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Mickey2255, May 29, 2007.

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    It's was a perfect week last week. Perfect! Every single teacher and administrator told me so. Today...10 minutes until school is out difficult child is reading quietly at his table when a kid who isn't supposed to be cleaning the tables bumps his table hard. difficult child blows up and beats the crap out of him. They call me as I'm pulling into the parking lot. Five day suspension.

    Of course, nobody with any authority is actually working so I make it VERY clear that the principal had better call me first thing in the morning because we need a manifestation determination meeting asap. I also remind them that we were at 12+ days of suspension prior to this five days and nobody has yet address how they are planning on educating my son for the days past the 10th.

    Here's my worry. We adjourned the May 18th meeting where we changed his primary to ADHD but did NOT finish the IEP or sign it. Can they argue the MD because his OLD IEP just has S/L as the primary? Or is just the fact that THEY wrote in ADHD on the new one even if it's not finished good enough acknowledgement of the condition?

    Sigh. I knew difficult child had been good for too long...

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    It should be good enough acknowledgement of his condition , but i have found that the SD doesnt want to ackowledge anything. My sons manifestation hearing didnt occur till we were at 21+++ days. IF he has an IEP they must continue to provide him with schooling. My SD sends a tutor to my house. They know that before they even suspend him that I require them to send a tutor to my house. It is the law. It is a change of placement and they have to provide him services. So when you speak with the principal tomorrow demand that they send a tutor to your house.In NY you get 2 hours intructional 1-1 at home. Better than nothing. I feel your pain. We got 4 days today too. My difficult child has ADHD with ODD too. Its a long journey. But let the SD now that you mean business. Read all the laws, print out the laws for your state and read them and study study study. Did they do a FBA? Is he in a smaller class setting? How did the meeting go so far? What was the outcome,were you going to meet again?
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    The category under which your child qualified for an IEP does not matter -- the 10-day rule is still applicable.

    The sd is aware of the ADHD. If a MH is held (and it should be), make sure you carry that type documentation with you to the meeting.

    What's the hold-up on completing the IEP meeting?

    You might want to consider asking for an FBA.
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    michelle did you see my reply to your other post.

    contact Cause for an advocate and Michigan Special Education Mediation Program(MSEMP) for a mediator.

    we just had a mediator at our IEP tues as a facillitator and boy was it nice to have an outside 3rd party who knew their stuff!
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    Thanks! I had a call into an advocate at Cause but we hadn't yet connected. We are now in touch and on the same page - what a relief! Of course the school has a long ways to go. They did call me two days after they got the letter asked for a Manifestation Determiniation meeting to schedule it - of course, neither date/time was ideal but we'll see. And supposedly they sent me a letter today but my easy child daughter left it in her cubby. Guess it couldn't have been too important if they gave it to a 9 year old to bring home...it could be a response to the letter I dropped off this morning (and had the principal's secretary initial as received) asking for a full battery of tests per the advocate. I love that one since the school has already told me, "we don't do testing".

    And of course, no response on the FAPE at 17+ days of suspension. Advocate is suggesting we file a complaint...especially if they don't respond to our other requests soon.

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    Amazing! Just when I think I've heard it all in relation to fundamentals.

    Glad you located an advocate.
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    michelle i am so glad! now i would call the msemp because they were the ones who coordinated the time and date between me and the school.

    i'm with-sheila on the disbelief of 'we don't test'.

    keep us up to date on how things are going!