5 year old having problems


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maybe you guys could help me with a few suggestion. My son is five and he does some weird things i'm concenered about. He talks about drinking gasoline, likes to smell it. Talks about killing his dad, because he thinks he is too mean, he beats himself in the head with his hand or anything thats around him, he thinks everything is a big joke, put remote batteries in his mouth one time and i asked him why he was doing it and he said he wanted to poison himself, i was taking him to a specialist and she said he was just dealing with angry issues! so what do you guys think? Thanks you, Tammy
me: 27, stressed out
Husband: 29, same as above
difficult child: 5, ADHD, possible Bipolar and ODD, no medications right now, been on plenty.
easy child(so far)8 months


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I would be a bit concerned if I were you... who was the specialist? WHo diagnosis'd him? I would document all of his concerning behaviors, what lead to them, triggers, how long it lasted, etc. Anything you can think that will help a Doctor understand your son. We even videod K when she was really bad for the psychiatrist... it helped.
I would call your pediatrician- doctor and let them know you are deeply concerned and would like a referral for a Neuro-psychiatric evaluation and a good Psychiatrist. If you have a good pediatrician. they should help you find these things or point you in the general direction... Children's hopstial in the area? University/teaching hospital? Those are good...

I would check with insurance and see if you need a referral, I never did... I would call everywhere that does a Multi-Disciplinary evaluation and Nuero-psychiatric evaluation's and let them know what is up and get on the apt. List and let them know you would like to please be called if there is a cancellation!!!
Let them know you are very concerned, without sounding freaked out!!! Don't be too pushy, be nice, but try to get your point across that you need help for your child!!!

It took me lots of phone calls, lots of gentle pushing to get help for my daughter... we had to travel across country at one point.
Hang in there...


What kind of specialist did he already see? Honestly, it sounds as if it's far more than anger issues. I strongly recommend a complete evaluation with both a child psychiatrist and a neuropsychologist. You need to figure out what's going on so you can put the proper interventions into place.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I would also put away anything that he could hurt himself or others with... we don't think K would really ever do anything... but we put stuff away just to be safe. Lock up the batteries!!!


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I'm not up on all the dxs and treatments, but it certainly sounds a lot more serious than anger issues. I'll be praying that you find the right help in the shortest length of time. God bless you. Hang in there.


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The place we was taking him too was Comprehensive Behavioral Health, and the psyd there was the one who diagnosis him ADHD. Then they send you to see a different doctor for the medications. Which she was a FNP. So most of the time he only saw the FNP, and she tried severel different medications.(ritalin,Adderall, concerta and geodon. With little or no effect. As far as i know he hasn't had any type of weird things like this happen at school. he just started kindergarten this fall. His main problem is folling drections(hardheaded) and his hyperness. He gets along well with other kids.. thank you


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Truly, I would worry that a lot more than ADHD is going on. Smelling gasoline, for instance, can be autistic spectrum disorder. Talk of killing oneself can be early onset bipolar. The worse part is that stimulants can make a wrongly diagnosed kid even worse. I highly recommend taking him for a complete evaluation at a NeuroPsychs. They are psycologists too, but have extra training in the brain and they will test him on every level. My son had twelve hours of testing, in two hour increments, and we received outstanding results and it was the beginning of understanding and helping my son the right way. Personally, from what I've learned, I wouldn't medicate my son AT ALL until he had a neuropsychologist exam plus a second opinion, since the wrong medications are worse than no medications. Welcome to the board!