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    what is this exactly? E will start kindy this fall and has officially been diagnosed by his pediatrician with- sensory processing disorder (SPD)&ADHD. I called the school he will be attending to find out what records they will need at his registration to be able to get him the services he needs. I think I just talked to the secretary, but she said they wouldn't really do anything until he started school. Which seems odd to me because my youngest son has an IEP thru the preschool program thru the city. They evaluated him at 3. Why wait until E is in school instead of doing the evaluations now? His registration is may 9 so I'm trying to get all my stuff together and trying to find out which teacher would be best for him by asking around. I am hoping to get him in the multi-age class but I hear that the spots are taken up pretty quickly. any info on this would be great. I am a little lost.
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    Since he is not enrolled in that school yet, or attending, maybe try calling early childhood ...the folks your other son has the IEP through. You might be able to get something started now.

    A 504 plan and an IEP are both plans under the American's with Disabilities Act.

    504 plans cover accommodations that a disabled person would need to get along in school just the same as if they were in another setting like work....reasonable accommodations must be made. In some schools, they have a good way of doing this and people who really do follow through. More often, it works better for someone with a health condition where maybe they need a certain something in a class that really does not require much of a teacher.

    For a child who really needs goals and objectives to learn skills, as well as accommodations, the only kind of plan that has funding to back it up is an IEP. If a school doesn't follow a 504 plan you could bring a civil discrimination suit against the district, but with an IEP there are many safeguards and legal obligations that the school and district must follow. You get none of the protections with a 504 plan. There are many easy explanations online if you just put in 504 school plan versus IEP.

    In your case, I really hope they will step up. If you submit a written request for an evaluation and send it registered mail, (if you want to wait until the school year starts that is ok....it may be better to have those who are going to be invested in working with him do it, as long as they are aware, listening to you and observing and helping all along before that).....

    I'd have it ready to go from day one...that way you will be first on the evaluation list. (again if not able to get some thing through ECSE) As you know from the other child, they will then have a time limit to respond and then to finish the evaluation after the evaluation plan is signed by you.

    I think having a meeting with the principal as you said is smart so at least he can be placed with a teacher who is able to handle his kinds of needs (some are just better matches and principals know which ones)....you had said you wanted to do that I belive, right? (sorry if I am getting you mixed up, I didn't look at the past posts)

    He is not in ecse, right? If I am wrong and he IS already then that IEP will follow him. I better wait till you reply, lol, I think I am confusing myself.
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    You are right. I planned on sitting down with the principal and talking to him about which teacher would be the best for him. And he is not in the preschool or early intervention program. I will talk to the ppl who are working with my youngest. Since I know for sure that his pediatrician. will get the papers for us I may be able to get him some additional Occupational Therapist (OT) thru them also. I think they had told me that if he had both ADHD and sensory processing disorder (SPD) they could offer him some Occupational Therapist (OT).
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    The special education coordinator called me this morning and was super helpful. She told me to send over documentation to the principal and to bring it to his registration and to put into writing that I want to look at a 504 plan. So hopefully she is pointing me in the right direction.
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    I hope you can make it clear that you are seeking an iep. They are supportive of 504 plans often at first because there is no cost or accountability. (there are some schools that do a good job.....many let them slide) but this will bring him on their radar and hopefully set him up for early success.....then as you gather your info you can be ready to push for what you feel he needs if the 504 is not enough.....
    I'm so glad they were receptive to you! It's worth the extra calls, right?