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    Has anyone used or researched 5HTP? It is a natural product that helps with seratonim and I know that it can go under natural treatment forum but general seems to get more activity.
    An acquaintance, who's son has the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis too, has been using it and she says it has helped.

    This is the first time I had heard of it.

    Any thoughts,
    Bugsy's mom
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    I did a goole search because I was not familiar with it. I have included the link below. Most of the top search results were from companies that sell the compound. The link below was written by someone after researching medical journals, etc. Although I did find consistant studies that showed it helped with sleep issues.


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    I have'nt heard of that, but it sounds interesting, so thanks for the question, I will research also for my difficult child with a BiPolar (BP)/conduct disorde diagnosis (amoung others). Thanks for the link. Whatever I find out I will share.

    I have never even considered natural treatments, dont have clue why. At this point Im pretty much open to anything!!!