6 year old bully at school


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I have a six year old that has had aggressive behavior at school. He has been suspended 3 times now for a total of 8 day and sent to a behavior school for two days. He gives his teacher a hard time and since he has been going to Kindergarten he has assulted the same boy twice and when another child tried to intervene he shoved the other child. He has kick his teacher, hit his bus driver but the latest expolsion was today when he ripped a childs glasses off his face and scratched him with his fingernails. The other boy who tried to stop him was shoved down and went to get the playground monitor. (They had been in the restroom.) When she came to get him he kicked her four times before they got to the Pincipal's office. When he got in the office he took a ceramic dog off of the principals bookshelf and threw it on the floor and broke it. At this time the principal started recording his behavior. I watched my sweet boy that I have very few problems with at home, punch his principal, bite him on the arm and hit him with a chair, they very frightening thing was my child was laughing the whole time thinking it was funny. The thing I really don't understand is that yes I have problems with my child at home but nothing like that. If I tell him to stop what ever bad behavior he is displaying he does. He does not hit or kick me or anything. So I guess my question is why is he just a normal temper here temper there at home and like the meanest kid on the planet at school. He does give his teacher problems but nothing like he does his principal. I don't know if it is just impulse control at school or oppisitional defiant disorder. I really don't see it at home except for when he is mean to his 15 year old brother who has asperger's (high functioning autism). And when he is mean to his brother I tell him to stop and he does. He is like two different children. I couldn't believe that was my child when I saw the tape. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I don't think you have a "bad" kid, but this isn't typical behavior for a child that age. I'm assuming he's never had any sort of formal assessment. I strongly recommend having a multidisciplinary evaluation by a university or children's hospital. There could be many things going on with your child, and the school setting is obviously not helping him. You can ask the school to test him, but, our experience has told us that they usually don't get it right, and often blame the parents. Something isn't right and I'd have it totally checked out if I were you.


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Welcome Rebecca.

It's fairly common for children with behavioral issues to act up in either the home or school environment. My son was an angel at school and then we got the full rage treatment at home. It's very frustrating because almost inevitably the situation sets up a lot of mistrust (as in what are they doing wrong over there0.

I would recommend this anyway but since there is an older sibling in the family with a neurological disorder I think you need to get the full works for an evaluation done on him. Get the assessment process at school started by putting your request in writing to the building principal. And see your pediatrician to request a private evaluation (developmental pediatrician or pediatric neuropsychologist, Occupational Therapist (OT) and speech). Neurological disorders tend to run in families and Autism definitely has a strong genetic connection. Parents who have multiple children on the spectrum often don't recognize the second child early on because their issues frequently have a different flavor to them than the first. Plus having a child with Asperger's elevates the risk that siblings may have something else going on such as Tic Disorder or Tourette's Syndrome.

Hang in there. It sounds like your kiddo isn't handling the school environment well so it's important to find out the reason why. The school will deal better with him if they know you're in the process of getting an evaluation done.