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    so, yes i had to release my frustration. so i have kept office informed as to what's up with me. told them about yesterday and i'm glad i went cause i never knew that i had a heart murmur or the blood was off on hdl's and stuff. so it's good yup i'm taking care of me, next is the cardiologist.

    so, i get the first clearance letter needed for work, submitted the other day. today i rush into the office drop difficult child first into school i run into a meeting with about 60 ppl i know in it.

    my boss comes over and says can i talk to you for a sec? so, i go into her office whereas she begins to tell me i need to leave the bldg i can't work until i get a second letter stating i'm also clear to drive. what? I said well why didnt' you call me to let me know before now? she said nothing. so i said i have to go back get my stuff out of the mtg and leave?

    i had to go back into the rm get my belongings out of the mtg and leave. i went into the kitchen to call the dr to see what they could do and my boss came in and said i'm sorry i really can't have you here.

    yup had to leave the bldg. so their totally unprofessional, should of called me yesterdayand left me voicemail message, or this a.m. yet they wiated for me to run into meeting to inform me. i've just about had it wtih this job.

    so meanwhile back at the ranch do you think that my boss called my families to inform them i wouldnt' be there? no. so these ppl think i just didn't show up yesterday.

    so at first i was giong to rush to the er to see if i could find the dr to get the letter etc. etc than i called boyfriend told him what was giong on he said oh boy that's insane. used other words i'm not allowed to write lol. so i had to call gynecologist to ask him. he's in hospital today. so we're waiting till nurse reaches him to clear me.

    so i'm off again today. i guess i should be happy yet i spent time this morning un accounted for running there, now i have to sit on phone with-ppl and cancel appts again for today. whereas i will get in trouble i'm sure that my quota isn't being met again. yet not my fault.

    ok sorry i'm just p*ssed.
  2. hearts and roses

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    {{{Jen}}} That bites!

    I'm sorry things were dealt with so badly at work and the meeting. It sounds like everyone's timing was off and no one was really thinking about the appropriate manner in which to approach your situation, as if it has maybe never come up before so they were sort of 'winging it'.

    We've had situations like that at my company. And since I am HR, it's up to me to figure it out - can be very frustrating when after we think we've handled something and all is good, we later find out we didn't handle it correctly and have to go back to cover our behinds. That's what this sounds like to me - your boss is covering her behind because after the fact she probably learned she needed that 2nd letter. I don't know, just a guess, given that I've been in similar situations. However, someone should have called your clients to let them know you'd be out - that's total BS.

    I hope things clear up for you soon.
  3. Jena

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    Thanks. I agree the whole thing was handled badly. You dont call someone out of a mtg. with a ton of ppl to inform them hey leave the bldg. she also my boss should have contacted my families to let them know that i wouldnt' be there.

    i had my review the other day and i'm up for a raise, so at the end of the day i'm guessing whatever it is i'm diong isn't that bad. this is just how this place runs, it really is. so i still have to sit on phone call ppl, talk to case managers so it isn't a day off. i felt like telling her well if i need to leave the bldg. i guess i sholdn't be calling my ppl either. but i didn't want to be 2 years old about it.
  4. hearts and roses

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    Well actually Jen, you should keep a log of whatever work you did from you car/home, so she is aware that although you weren't in the office, this was not a day off for you. Very important to document everything while going through this sort of HR stuff. VERY important. And it's not a matter of not trusting them or you not being trusted - it's all about the danged red tape!! Very often, managers are being told what to do, how to do it, and when, etc., by some HR person who has little to no contact with the daily goings on in the workplace. So make sure you document everything you do this day so you can show her. Best of luck.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I like JO's idea -

    I think I'd type out exactly what you felt you were told to do and exactly what happened - then what you had to do extra, including none of your families got called,,,,,,,then print it, keep a copy - and have your boss read it, then sign it and tell her you like to make follow up notes with your families - SELF included.....

    THAT should prevent any further "oversites" and should it happen again - you would have recorse for some type of action.

    Hugs - glad you are feeling better.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I would be upset also.
    Not only is your health affected, but your clients who they are supposedly trying to help, should be informed of what is going on. I know they can't tell them all of the details, but let them know you something.
    You have built up trust with them.
    Sheesh, I agree with Star* and Jo.
  7. ML

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    It was handled very badly. I'm worried about you. Please take it easy and keep us up to date with everything. Love you, ML
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    What a mess on your employer's part! Idiots.

    That said, if they ARE actually doing their job and paying attention now, I'm not sure a note from your GYN would be enough. Do they know about the ER visit and the heart murmur? 'Cause I would guess they'd need you approve on THAT issue (driving with possible heart problems) more than on the GYN problems.
  9. Andy

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    So, you can't drive - what about office work as long as you are there? There must be paperwork you can do as well as rescheduling your appts. To be asked to leave the bldg? Weird.
  10. Jena

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    i agree!! with ALL of you!!! Their crazy.....................

    Eek good point and yup exactly what happened they knew of er visit so now i gotta head to er on monday and get dr who saw me to let me go back to work. I'd like him to write letter stating SHE IS NEVER TO WORK AGAIN, BUT PLEASE PAY HER!!!

    that would be good!! :)

    their just ridiculous. i was home with-kids so i figured i'd make a small pot of meat sauce do a nice quiet dinner just girls and i and inbetween me chopping my garlic and being on phone with-client my boss clicked in oh so what happened with note?? LOL

    i was like oh the note you told me x amount of hours ago to produce? hopefully monday. she was sounding all stressed, and i said well you have a good weekend!!! blah to her!

    Star i'm still feeling same but you know how i get when i get mad!! LOL

    Toto - wow there you are!! where oh where have you been?? :)

    ML - thanks, i hope manster's feeling better!! i hope lockdown is going ok.

    yea they can kiss my ...***!! (use your imagination)
  11. KTMom91

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    That agency mindset...when I was at the IRS, I missed about a week with bronchitis. When I went back to work, I told my boss I'd like to skip the phone work because I was still coughing when I had to talk too much. She wanted a note to that effect. I'm thinking, just give me a day or so and I'll be fine, but she wanted to make a federal case (ha ha) out of it. So, I got the note. No phone for two weeks. The Princess should have let me do paperwork for the couple of days I asked for.

    Hope you get all the appropriate paperwork in order, and yes, document EVERYTHING!
  12. Abbey

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    Asked to leave the building is not a good sign. Someone is trying to cover their arse. That was pretty much what happened to me at my last job. Trained a new guy (regional manager)...he took all the hours and I was left with 2 options - quit or work 15 hours a week. So I quit. Probably not the smartest thing to do in this economy, but when I get mad I make irrational decisions. I literally had the store owner escort me out of the building. What did they think I'd do? Steal company secrets and maybe snatch a pack of TP on the way? Take the headset? Grab a couple of tills on the way out? Maybe snatch a shopping cart on the way. He had the audasity to ask for my uniform which *I* purchased. Nada...ain't gonna happen.

    Here's the company secret...you guys stink.:mad: It's all a facade.

    Here's the kicker. I get a call when I'm in Vegas from my direct manager. You left your sweater here. I'll keep it in the office. I told him to burn it. Probably not such a good reply while I'm still unemployed, but it PO'd me. I will be leaving this portion of employment off of my resume.:tongue:

    I hope things turn around for you.

  13. Jena

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    abbey you had me laughing i do the exact same. i do exactly what i tell difficult child not to do. lol. when i'm p*ssed i act on it.

    when she said leave the bldg. i felt like saying sh*ve this ... up your .....

    instead i took deep breath and walked out.

    they called you about your sweater?? what morons simply put. yea ok let me run in to get my sweater.........