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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Today difficult child told me he stood up for a friend of his that he has made fun of in the past (recent past). We've spoken with him a lot lately about this but nothing seemingly has sunk in; his Special Education teacher has also spoken to him about this with no success.

    I think the root of it involved difficult child getting a birthday party invitation from this boy today. He told me after the friend gave him the birthday invitation he realized what a jerk he had been to him and was going to stop. I told him that although I wished he had stopped earlier and recognized how unkind he had been sooner that I was very proud of him for sticking up for this boy today.

    Don't know if this is truly sinking in for difficult child but I hope it is.

    On another note, difficult child was so excited about getting the invitation. He told me it was only his second ever b-day invitation (I don't remember the exact number but wouldn't be surprised if it were true). He said it's because he doesn't have many friends.

    This about broke my heart but he wasn't saying it sad or to get attention, just to explain why he was so excited. The sad part is we aren't going to be in town when the birthday party is so difficult child won't be able to go. He handled it well. He was disappointed but understood that we were going to husband's side of the family Christmas party so he couldn't go. Poor difficult child, he wanted to invite the boy to the party (out of state) until I pointed out the boy would be at his party-difficult child just giggled at his mistake.
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    I think that the self-revelation is always better late than never! Maybe he and the boy could try to get together after the holidays for a one-on-one post-birthday celebration. Go bowling or something like that. That way he doesn't pass up that offer to connect with the kid in some way.

    Until this past summer, my difficult child 1 (who is 15) had not been invited to a birthday party since he was 9 or 10. He would routinely feel left out when he saw the younger sibs going to parties. It's painful to watch our kids go through this.
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    This is definitely progress. I was just going on and on about the golden rule with manster today as well. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I take this change of heart as a very good sign.

    I like that this boy invited difficult child to the party. It sounds like they could be good for each other.