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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Mar 3, 2010.

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    So Duckie had saved some $$$ she received at Christmas and combined it with some gift cards and $$$ she received at her birthday and ordered an IPod Nano from Walmart. It won't be in for a few weeks but Duckie has already hatched a devious plan. My neighbor's daughter, E, is very good about being mean & nasty to other kids without getting caught by an adult. Duckie intends to pretend she's just listening to music by videotape E being mean. Normally I'd tell her not to do it, but E can be pretty vicious with other kids and gets off scott free because she doesn't get caught so it might teach E a harmless lesson.

    I'll then tell Duckie she can't record people without their permission from there on in. :winks:
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    LOL. Quick kid. However, now she has the one up on you so you cant fake her out and video her!
  4. Star*

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    I 2nd Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, and of course Moms no videotaping after that. She COULD of course end up being the next Merideth Viera. :tongue:
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    Sometimes, being a difficult child has its advantages. I fear she will grow up to be an evil genius.... :rofl:
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    Love it.

    Bad....but I still love it.

    Speaking of bad, I still have to post my "rock" on facebook.