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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. StressedM0mma

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    I feel like a may jinx myself by saying this, but is appears that difficult child is doing a little better. She actually got up on her own on Saturday and Sunday. And it was before noon on both days. I know for some parents that would be crazy, but for difficult child it is a huge leap. And, I heard her laughing with easy child yesterday. A real laugh, not a forced fake one. It brought tears to my eyes. I think finally getting rid of those 2 classes has helped. And, as weird as it sounds, I think being away from IOP has helped as well. While I liked having the therapists right there, and having her see them 3x week, I think being with the other teens and their issues was becoming too much.
    We are dealing with some anxiety and frustration right now. We put in an application to adopt a horse, and she is super worried that we will not be approved. And, she of course already told everyone that the horse was hers. So, she was super cranky last night, and a little snappy with me. I talked to her, and she calmed down, and then asked me to tuck her in and sing to her. (Major anxiety) So, I did, and she went right to sleep and woke up in a great mood, and went to school without an argument, and was ready early enough to have pancakes for breakfast.
    Fingers crossed that this trend continues. I sure miss my happy girl.
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    Whether or not it continues (and I pray it will ) you can celebrate this weekend and her going today. It does sound like she has extremely low tolerance for anxiety and pressure. She may really have to learn to pace herself even more than most people do. At least till she gains more skill to handle stress. Hope she gets the horse. That's a big challenge but she loves it so much! Let us know. Im off to see the high school now. TTFN
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    I think we all understand the "fear of jinxing". Kinda goes with the difficult child territory. on the other hand enjoy every bright moment that comes your way and know we are all hoping she's going to turn the corner. Hugs DDD
  4. StressedM0mma

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    Thanks ladies. Dee I hope the tour goes well, and you find that it would be a good fit for Q. And you ar right, she has a very hard time with stress and change. And, she really really wants this horse. She is a retired racehorse that has been retrained to jump. DDD, thanks. It is so nice when you have others that understand and are hoping for the best.
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    Without the IOP, her week is less exhausting and I think that helps. Hope it continues!
  6. Bunny

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    She had a good weekend and she got up willingly and went to school this morning. Take that for what it's worth (ALOT!!) and then take each day as it comes. I hope that it continues to go well for both of you.
  7. TerryJ2

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    Wow, that's great! Getting up on her own is marvelous. Really.
    And this brought tears to MY eyes: A real laugh, not a forced fake one. It brought tears to my eyes.
  8. StressedM0mma

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    Thank you Terry. It is so hard to explain this to people that have not been there with their own children. Most do not even get what I am saying. They have never heard their own fake laugh strain to smile and pretend to be happy. It is so hard to watch. It is wonderful to have a group of people that gets it.
  9. HaoZi

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    I'm glad you've had some good days, I hope they continue and continue to improve.
  10. Wiped Out

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    Great update-hope things continue:)
  11. InsaneCdn

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    How long until she hears about the adoption?
    And do they know that... this horse is actually a "therapy" animal?
    Sometimes it makes a diff if they know that.
    I know it does make a major diff with some dog-rescue orgs around here... There's a whole set of rules that they "have" to follow, and then there's the "... oh, special needs kid, already bonded, family situation can handle this... " jackpot.