A new understanding of dyslexia

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Nov 14, 2012.

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    A friend in the village whose daughter is dyslexic lent me several books about dyslexia, which I have been flicking through. In one of them this morning I read that any child who has real trouble reading (not learning to read) can be defined as dyslexic.

    This has hit a nerve with me. I don't know quite what I thought dyslexia is other than the usual caricatured ideas about getting letters mixed up and reading things backwards... but this idea dys + lexic, ie averse to or finding difficulty with reading of course makes sense. It is not some specific, exotic thing but simply that.

    The jury is still out in terms of J. He now knows pretty well all the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make but is often hesitant and slow about reading syllables and then words. He seems to have trouble in words of one of more syllable in running them together. For example in the word "partir" (to leave), he will, with encouragement, be able to sound out "par" and then be totally stuck on "tir" even though if "tir" were at the beginning of the word, he would be able to read it... On the other hand he likes numbers and is much more at home and at ease with them. He is receiving an hour a week individual reading coaching from the school. Speech therapist appointment can't be had until next year some time because they are entirely booked up.

    So we'll see. But now that I have this new understanding of dyslexia, I think J quite probably is (oh joys :))
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    Malika~ My childhood best friend has dyslexia. She had to work very hard to get through reading excerpts, etc. She often forgot what she'd read at the top of the page before she had reached the bottom. The good news is that she worked very hard. She graduated as our class salutarian (sp) and became a copy writer of all things.