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    local grps have made some programs for kids age 10 plus. a very stirring and powerful reality show.
    this goes thru the life of a heroin user teen up to his overdose.

    ant overdosed on heroin once. he called me from a payphone and when I got to him the needle mark was in his wrist. we spent two dys in two hospitals. he never did heroin again. he got scared and then switched to alcohol thinking it was safer. he is now an alcohol who experiences black outs and is facing his 4th DUI- the public defender told him yesterday to expect 2.5-5 yrs in state prison. he has been on various substances since he was 13. he will be an old man by the time his fines and sentences are paid. he will never drive legally again, never own a car.

    if this program is in your area, take your kids.
    here is an excerpt. very powerful and a reminder to avoid it if it hits too close to home:
    http://www.candleinc.org/index.php?Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)=995311635&t=about_candle
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    when you get to the site, click on this:
    Click for New Reality Tour Video Clip
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    that made me cry more! :frown: thanks for the web site!!!!!
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    Goose bumps up & down. Thank you, Janet.
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    Thanks, Janet.