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  1. Shari

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    What happens if no one ever bothered to report a child missing... At what point does anyone know? Never?
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    I guess this would come up when the child actually is found. This would have closed that hole in her case and given the jurors and jumping off point to link the child abuse charge to felony murder. Not reporting a child missing for months and months would be a federal felony and therefore a parent would be automatically guilty of child abuse.

    Now I am sure there would be exceptions to this rule. I can think of several. Say your child was staying with a friend for a few days ( or you thought they were ) and the kid actually ran away to be with loverboy21 from facebook. You might not know within the first 24 hours but you would know as soon as you did and you would notify as soon as you found out. Or even the reporting the death within one hour, plenty of parents leave kids over 13 home alone and if something should happen to them during the day you might not know until you got home which would be more than an hour...so...there again...a loophole..
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    Actually, I read an article yesterday that as a result of this case, 4 states have laws in the works requiring parents to report a missing child within (I think) 24 hours. Hopefully other states will follow suit.
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    I think this is why there are petitions online to establish "Caylee's Law" that would make it a felony to fail to report the disappearance or death of a child within a certain period of time. I think it's really aimed at younger children because I agree, it would be sometimes be very difficult with older children or teenagers. In the Anthony case, those 31 days would have become a felony and she could have been convicted on that if nothing else. When you think about it, I wonder how long Casey would have carried on that charade if there hadn't been worried grandparents around to report her missing.

    It would be a little more difficult to hide if the child were old enough to be enrolled in school, but with a younger one it probably would be relatively easy if there weren't a lot of close friends and family around to take notice. If a curious neighbor asks where the baby is, a simple "She's staying with grandma for a while" or "She's with her father" might suffice. I've seen stories about this on TV about someone with vague childhood memories of a sibling that suddenly wasn't there anymore. Then as an adult they begin checking it out and it is discovered that the parents did away with the child and it has been hidden for decades! It happens!
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    I have read (and seen on TV) cases where a child was unaccounted for until years later. In one very sad case a CPS worker failed to check in on a preschool foster child and just checked off the box sayinh that she had done the required home visit. Subsequently she was fired but that little girl, I believe, was never found. Obviously some children are so much more vulnerable.

    Some well intentioned "knee jerk" legislation forgets to cover the circumstances that others have pointed out. I absolutely agree with the concept but hope it is not wrongly applied.

    by the way, have any of your watched the show about the City of Chicago missing persons squad? It appears that they are totally on top of every report that comes in...adults included. I've found it to be inspiring and wonder how many police departments have similar departments who don't wait 24 or 48 hours b/4 looking for someone who is unaccounted for. Of course, lol, I don't remember the exact name of the program but you might want to catch is...if you find it. DDD
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    I would imagine that even a school aged child could easily disappear, with the same excuses..."She's living with her father now, he'll be calling for the school info," or "We'll be moving in with my folks, and when we get settled, I'll call for the records," or "My husband got a job out of state, can you just give me the info so I have it for the school." And then once they hit junior high or high school age, they would be considered runaways.
  8. Shari

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    I get with the new laws there will be some recourse...but right now...is there
    Nothing on the books that require you to
    Say something if your kid goes missing?
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    Nothing federal level. State, county, and city laws might.
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    Nothing came up H......
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    I haven't checked the ones here.
  12. Shari

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    Not that there should have to be a law, but...

    Just kinda scary to think a baby could be born and with all the 'big brothers' put there, no one would notice if it had a life or not.