A simple tool to defuse the chaos (to a degree!)


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Since January 10th, I have been writing three pages of whatever comes to mind right after I get up in the morning. It can be anything I want. Three pages, one side, no more, and no less.

Then, you put them away. You never have to look at them, again. The process was described to me as a tool for clearing the mind and ordering priorities down in the sub-conscious. That is why you do it first thing in the morning. Whatever is working away down there, that is what will appear in those morning pages.

And I do feel clearer and more focused.

It will take about thirty minutes to write the pages. Once you begin writing, don't stop. Don't really think about or judge what you write.

Just write it.

I am going to continue doing it.

Another thing I was told is that we should set aside an hour a week to explore our own curiousity.

That one is harder to do.

I wonder if that is because we feel we don't deserve to explore things that will not bring us money or some other kind of tangible reward?


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Thanks for sharing this - I tend to journal at the end of the day. Maybe I should start the day like this - anything that helps clear my mind & keep the chaos at bay is worth trying. :smile:

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I often cannot sleep at night - my mind will simply not rest as I go over the events of the day, things I did not complete or things I need to complete the next day. A therapist suggested that I write this stuff down in a notebook, not necessarily a journal, but if I wanted to create a journal of thoughts, that would be good also (unlike a diary I guess). Anyway, when I do that, I do sleep better and I find that I can actually remember some of my dreams - something that I haven't really been able to do since before I was a parent (except sporadically).

On the weekends, I create lists, but I know that's not what you're talking about. I think I will try to do this to see if it changes my day. Thanks for sharing.


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Oh, I am glad you are going to try it, everyone.

Three blank sheets, write as quickly as you can. No more than half a page of "things to do today" ~ but half a page is okay.

Stop after three pages.

The theory there is that you will begin pulling up the things you need to give attention to, and will spit it out in those three pages ~ since you stop writing after three pages, you will teach yourself that what does not come up within three pages does not come up.

Any journaling or anything else you do, continue to do it.

This is somethng to be approached with no preparation, so that you bypass internal critics. You can read them if you want to ~ but not until a week after you have written them. It isn't about working things through so much as it is clearing the mental decks for things that matter.

It will be interesting to see what you all think after you have tried it for a few days.

I am really glad I tried it.



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I love LOVE this idea. Wonder what weird things my brain will find. I have journaled for years, but usually only when I'm stressed....and I have journaled for years, but usually only when I'm stressed (repeat).

You're right on about things that don't make us money - will keep that in mind next time an exploring adventure presents itself. GO FOR SOMETHING silly is now on my monitor.

Thanks.....this was refreshing to a stressed out, hamster brain. (the hamster went to heaven today) the wheel is still cookin!