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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Aug 31, 2009.

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    difficult child was super nervous this morning though he did not show any signs of refusing to go to school. I did give him an alazopram (? spelling) because the last thing we needed was a panic attack.

    The neighbor called and said she wanted pictures of the kids on the bus stop and getting on the bus so we walked the two doors down to their driveway.

    After the bus left, I headed to the school to deliver PRN's. By the time I came out of the nurses' office, the kids were coming in from difficult child's bus. I talked to the boys (difficult child and H) and reminded them that they needed to head to the gym - kids are not allowed in the hallways before 8:15 and the bus arrived about 8:05.

    I asked if they knew how to get to the gym. H was very confident, "Yes, I know how". difficult child wasn't so much and asked him to wait while he purchased a bottle of water. I walked up the stairs with the two boys. At the top of the stairs, their roles changed. H got very confused and said, "I don't know where I am" and difficult child got very confident and said, "I know where we are - it is down this hall." and off he went. I told H that difficult child was correct and we started following him. By the time we got most of the way down the hall, it was coming back to H and he recognized his surroundings. I finally caught up to difficult child outside the gym so I could say goodbye and off we both went.

    Then, after school, difficult child never came out of the building. I saw all of his friends except for H. I went into the building to look for difficult child. His locker is on the 2nd floor but he was coming down the 1st floor. "We have to take H home. He lost his backpack and will miss the bus." So, I called H's mom to explain what little I knew and get permission to take him home if he did miss the bus.

    I went back into the building to look for the boys. H found his backpack in the office. Someone had found it in the hallway and took it to the office. H thinks the locker buddy threw it out of the locker (I think it is horrid that these kids have to share lockers). I hope it was just a thoughtless kid who moved it out to arrange whatever and forgot to put it back in. I hope H doesn't have trouble with this kid. His locker is in an area outside of classroom halls so it will be hard for a teacher to keep an eye out for that behavior.

    difficult child said there are a few teachers he really likes and no teacher he dislikes.

    There is no recess to burn off energy and he stated that following lunch he needed to burn off energy. Tomorrow he has gym in the morning (every other day) so we will see if that helps.
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    Maybe he can make it with-o the Xanax tomorrow, or you can break it in half.
    My difficult child is great at directions. I'm wrong-way Corrigan. I hate getting lost in bldgs. And anywhere else. ;}

    No recess? Too bad. Sigh.
    I've never heard of sharing lockers. Weird. Good way to lose things.
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    :thumbsup: I'm so glad he had a good day!
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    Way To Go difficult child! I'm glad he had a good day. Those recesses are so necessary with our kids.
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    Andy - sounds like a wonderful start for difficult child. That first day of school anxiety is over & he can get on with his studies.

    Keeping fingers crossed his confidence keeps showing up & that lowers his anxiety level.