A very good Thursday morning.....

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    friends & fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    I woke to another very chilly March morning (14 degrees but it's no longer snowing). :2cold:I heard on the weather report yesterday that our area has had snow on the ground since November 29th. That makes it one long hard winter. :stopglass: :stopglass:

    However, yesterday even amidst the snow & such, you could feel a hint of spring in the air. The winds are coming from the south & I could smell the change in seasons. The spring birds have returned - they are showing up at my feeders. So it won't be long before spring starts to bloom around here.

    wm's IEP/education planning meeting has been rescheduled today (thank goodness) due to illness among most of the staff (you know the ones that actually work with the kids - the kids who pass this back & forth incessantly). I'm thankful as I'm going down with the crud now.

    So today is pj - stay warm - don't let myself get too sick day. I'm wrapping in a quilt, running the vaporizer & drinking lots of tea. Thanks for listening to the whine. :ill: I'll probably be able to play with my new set of water color paints that husband bought me yesterday :woohoo::painter: . For no reason at all - just because!

    Enjoy your Thursday - I hope it's a calm one with cooperative difficult children. May your problems be small & manageable; your joys be huge & memorable today. :flower:
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    Linda-I'm sorry you are coming down with the crud:sick: I hope it doesn't last as long for you as it did for my difficult child and husband. How nice that husband bought you the new paints.:painter:

    I'm not seeing many signs of Spring yet but one of my students saw a robin which is hopeful! One of our news channels here when they are doing the weather are starting to get a bit goofy and show tropical warm weather scene. At least I can now see the cement on our driveway (not at the bottom yet) and our road is mostly melted of the ice. The potholes are amazing this year!

    I have to get to work early today because of a committee I'm on which means husband will drive easy child (which is a huge relief for me as she has been nothing short of rotten lately).

    After work a visit to the health club I think. :treadmill: We are going to skip visiting difficult child tonight as he was none too pleasant yesterday at our visit. My niece is going to visit so at least he will have someone there to see him.

    I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with many reasons to smile and laugh.:flower:
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    Well, for once I am writing on the Good Morning thread -- it has been a long time since I was here.

    Spring is in the air here in Jerusalem. We have been having quite a cold winter, and we have had snow twice here in Jerusalem, but we are going into a warm spell and today the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue, the almond trees are all blossoming in puffs of white and cream and pink. It helps with one's mood.

    And I need my mood to be helped today. My older son (former difficult child) aged 38 was due to get married today, but he got cold feet and it was called off two weeks ago. I feel really strange today. I know that if it was not meant to be, then it was not meant to be, but still it is a shame and we all hope he will find the one and only in the near future. After all, he's not a youngster any more!

    Other than that, life is OK. I have loads of work, which is a good thing. My family is growing (grandchild no. 19 is on the way), and I am counting my blessings.

    I hope everyone has a meltdown-free day.

    Love, Esther
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    :lady:Good Thursday Morning All!!!!

    Linda, I've had the crud now for a few days. I just keep the glass of orange juice in my morning routine and try not to think about it!!!! Hope your quilt and tea keep it a mild one!

    Sharon, glad to hear you are getting a little thaw. Weird that it was such a cold, snowy, icy winter your way and so mild here. I think we had two days of flurries and about two days of sleet and ice (that didn't really amount to much). No snow boots for difficult child and no sledding. Glad you are taking the evening off from visiting difficult child - good way to show the consequences of acting like a little bugger!

    Esther, how wonderful to hear from you this morning! I thought my mother in law had a bunch of grandkids at 18 - you are beating her by one (and she is in the waiting for her first grand mode!). Sorry about your son's change of mind - better now than later though. I hope your health is well. Good to hear from you over here.

    It's Thursday, so it's office day! I'm going to try and get out with a couple hours to spare before I pick up difficult child. I want to run to the grocers and get the makings for a pot of vegetable soup. Got a hankering for it yesterday and if I start it around 1, it will have maserated nicely by dinner time!

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday - one more day 'till Friday :bigsmile:

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    G'day, everybody. I'm feeling a little less jaded today.

    Linda, sorry to hear you've got the dreaded lurgy. Stay wrapped and warm. And about those paints, you reminded me, I had to find my glass paints, I use them to paint on wax for the Easter candle. I've got to make it earlier this year, we'll be busy that weekend.

    Sharon/Wiped, spring won't be long. You should get your warm weather soon.

    Esther, great to have you around this morning (or evening, in my case). Sorry about easy child's wedding, I hope he can work out what wasn't right for him. And 19 grandchildren! You're getting up near my mother's tally of 24.

    Sharon/LDM, Vegetable soup is a great idea when you're anticipating spring but still needing comfort food. Any leftover soup can be used to make risotto.

    difficult child 3 & I had to go into the school today - a drive into the city. He had a great time telling other students and his teachers about his experiences in "The Black Balloon". He tells people, "I'm a movie star now." People seem to have a hard time wrapping their brains around this - the school newsletter was drafted to say that difficult child 3 was in a documentary about autism. difficult child 3 corrected the editor - "no, it's a feature film!"

    After the school session we had to drop in on husband at work, to collect a few things. As we drove through the heart of Sydney I was pointing out landmarks to difficult child 3, to help him learn to navigate his way around our city. It's one of the physically largest cities on the planet, even though it's only got about 5 million in population. The CBD also sprawls a long way. To drive from difficult child 3's school (correspondence head office) which is based near Garden Island to husband's work at Sydney University, took about half an hour in very easy traffic. The drive took us past some of our oldest architecture and hence some very useful landmarks indeed. One landmark, St Mary's Cathedral, I'd used to navigate when I was trying to find a parking space on Monday night, when we saw the film preview. As a result, it was more familiar to difficult child 3, who usually only gets in to the city like this once a year or so. usually when we go to his school we take the expressway which goes at least part of the way underground and bypasses the CBD.

    We have a school excursion to Darling Harbour next week, to the aquarium. We'll catch the train in and probably get out at Town Hall, which I also pointed out to him today. Hopefully he'll now have a better idea of how the city fits together.

    We're never off duty, are we?

    It was a fabulous day today, warm like summer (which summer wasn't this year). I wouldn't be surprised to find that today was hotter than any day we had over summer in Sydney. More tomorrow, cool for a bit, then another fabulous day on Sunday just in time for our annual village festival - like an arty Woodstock, without the drugs. In past years I've taken my scooter down to the beach, had a swim (and exercise) then just in my swimsuit, dried off at the festival while listening to local singers and performers, or wandering around checking out the stalls. Once dry, it's into the auditorium to see what the local artists have produced.
    It's weekends like this one coming, that keep me living in this place.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everybody.