ADD Quick Tips -- book


A diagnostician at difficult child's school recommended a book, ADD Quick Tips - Practical Ways to Manage Attention Deficit Disorder Successfully. I wish it had been recommended 7 yrs ago when we first started down this road.

It'd be a good resource for many; most particularly if a parent is new to ADD/ADHD.

This book is primarily written for parents and teachers. The diagnostician said she keeps it in her library for teachers.

I bought my book on line used for about $8.00.

Table of Contents

*Answers for ADD Questions
*Using this Book
*A Disorder of Desperation
*Management = Success
*Quick Tip Guidelines

Part One - Teens/Adults
*Organization Options
*Time Tips
*Study Strategies
*Personal Pointers

Part Two - Younger Adders
*Time and Space
*Study Strategies
*Personal Pointers

The book goes into some detail about math and reading problems that can occur with-ADHD, fine/gross motor skill problems and how it may be impacting performance, etc. Pretty good little reference book in my opinion.