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    I simply do not understand why someone would do this, or tie their child to a tree, or wrap them in blankets so tightly they suffocate...what is wrong with these people?
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    I'm glad the cop was a good shot.
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    Here are 2 updates to my post



    Parents charged with tree death

    and finally the adopted mom was found guilty of murder of the little boy wrapped in blankets.

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    I don't know.. There have been times that I am so frustrated that I think I can understand how a parent might get frustrated enough to think of doing some extreme thing. That might not have made sense, but I'm just saying I understand feeling an overwhelming frustration toward a kid- but that isn't the same thing as taking action on it. Most of us have something in our heads that "clicks" and makes us walk away for a time out, yell for a minute, or do something else that leads us to keep at least a little control of ourselves. These parents must be difficult child's themselves. The saddest part to me- if the kids were being raised by parents like that, well...... let's just say I can't believe it is some of us parents here that get blamed for our kids having issues.
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    Ya know, I was raised by a mother from hell. I had some very bad thoughts run through my mind about what I would have liked to have done to my kids over the years. I did do some things I am not proud of. I made many mistakes.

    Some of my more memorable thoughts when Cory was so completely out of control were of wishing I could order a cattle prod or a shock collar and just shock him every time he stepped out of line. Maybe then he would have learned from adverse reaction...kinda like mice. Or I wanted to take one of those six by 8 foot dog pens that are made out of chain link and build it in his bedroom so I could lock him in there at night so he couldnt escape. Sending him to his room for time out or punishment meant nothing to him because he simply wouldnt stay there and would escape out the window.

    Note...I did neither of those things but I used to fantasize about them all the time.
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    If I'd have eaten breakfast, I'd have lost it. It's just sickening.