ADHD and Comorbid Substance Use Disorder

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    I found this article to be very interesting and informative. I'll point out some parts as they pertain to me. (Mind you, I am a smoker and have been since 1999. Tried to quit a few times, but never really succeeded. Perhaps now that I have my medications I should try again.)


    This describes me to a point. I always did well in school and stayed with a solid B in most classes. Mainly because I found learning fun. Art even more so.

    This would be where my love of art comes into play. I always seemed to be doodling. I actually did not get my diagnosis until this year (age 29) because they missed it. As I explain it to most people, I imploded instead of exploded. I still am an introvert. Although I would say that I have some very complexional ideas and thoughts at times.

    If it's something I like, I'll get through it in a snap. But if it's not, I'm great at procrastination and it will take me forever to get through it.

    Some days seem to be better then others. I find if I don't make a list and stick to it, I will get side tracked.

    I actually manage time well, and am quite organized. Probably because I have some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I do have difficulties when it comes to decision making and often ask for some outside advice to help me with the major decisions.

    I'm fidgety. Always have to be doing something, or have something in my hands going on.

    At times I do act before thinking. I like to believe it is my sensitivity to others, then again, it usually ends up biting me in the bottom. And I am very impatient -especially if I am in a hurry.

    While the article seems to explain more the symptoms of ADHD and less on the substance abuse, I know that many people with ADHD self medicate through alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, et cetera. I think that's how I managed so well until everything seemed to come crashing down around me. (Favorite food still is chocolate covered coffee beans. Ate them like there was no tomorrow in high school, and then I picked up smoking.)