I just saw an ad in a magazine for that and wondered if anyone has used it or is using it? If so, what are the good/ bad sides to it?


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The patch is called Daytrana and I have been planning to talk to my son's behavioral neurologist about it tomorrow. I'm over the daily-take-your-pill-wars. I'll let you know what he says about it.

Seb is very sensory and can't swallow a pill. He also can't bear the thought of eating anything that has been sprinkled with Adderall even if he can't taste it. He does, however, take melatonin in orange juice without complaint.

I'm looking for a patch or inoffensive liquid to deliver the medication.

There is also a liquid form of ritalin called Methylin Oral Solution. Does anyone have experience with it? Does it have a strong taste? Can it be mixed into juice?


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GFGmom got the patch for her youngest. The patch worked well
but...isn't there always a but...she kept yanking it off her
fanny as "it itched" "feels funny" etc. I posted here to see if
anyone placed the patch high on the back or whatever. If your
child has sensory issues, it may be a problem. Good luck. DDD


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We tried Daytrana last summer and didn't like it much. First of all, he did not respond well to ADHD medications but that is another matter. The problem I had with the patch was: very difficult to peel the protective seal off before applying. It is like a band-aid but the stuff you peel off is very hard to get off. It also did not stick well on the edges, again due to the peeling off process. It did cause a small reaction in terms of redness and itchiness. My son also said he would take it off because it bothered him. He also is highly sensitive so that could have played a part in why it bothered him.

Since this was last summer, maybe the company has modified it a bit as I can't believe that I was the only one having trouble, the psychiatrist mentioned it too.

Good luck!

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We never have used that but difficult child did wear the clonodine patch for awhile. The problem for him was the itchiness and he was always pulling it off. He would also get in the shower with us forgetting to cover it up.


My difficult child 1 tried the Daytrana patch and didn't like it at all. We had the same problem with it peeling up around the edges, and my difficult child 1's skin became red and itchy. Because he pulled it off, we decided it was more effective to get him to ingest a pill.

DDD, we were told by our docs that we could place the patch between the shoulder blades. But difficult child 1 still reached up and pulled it off.

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DDD, we were told by our docs that we could place the patch between the shoulder blades. But difficult child 1 still reached up and pulled it off.
Putting it where the child can't reach it doesn't change the fact that the reason the child wanted to take it off was because his skin became irritated and itched. I'd want to take it off too.


Yes, Sara, exactly why we discontinued it and use Focalin XR now.

The reason I posted those sentences above is that the package insert says to place the patch on the hip. But our docs (psychiatrist and neurologist) said it is OK to place it between the shoulder blades. DDD asked earlier about placement of the patch.