1. kim75062

    vyvanse experiance

    as most of you know my little guy has issues with stimulants and seems to metabolize them faster then they can safely be given. The doctor thinks that vyvanse may work better for him then the others because of the long duration of the effects. And positive results from his sister taking the same...
  2. JRC

    Just need to vent

    In general, my difficult child has been doing pretty well. But, it's two steps forward, one step back--always.(He has bipolar disorder.) And I'm tired. I feel isolated. I feel unreliable--both socially and with other commitments. My husband and I are basically on the same page when it comes to...
  3. S

    First post... 8 year old violent ADHD in shared custody situation

    First-- Hi. I'm new, I've been reading through many of these posts and it's helping me realize I'm not alone. Second-- I just ordered that book everyone recommends, the Explosive Child, and that will be my weekend task this weekend. Here's the situation. Dad's sister is diagnosed paranoid...
  4. Shari

    Is it worth trying other stims?

    Or since the Ritalin made my child a raving lunatic, are they all pretty much in the same boat?
  5. F

    Black box warning on ADHD medications (?)

    I saw a blip on Discovery Health at around 4am but can't find an article. Anyway it sounded like they were saying that the FDA is going to be adding a black box warning to ADHD medications for a couple of reasons, one of them being irritability and agitation (don't quote me exactly). Also said that...
  6. barbie

    In desperate need of help, tips, insight

    Okay let me introduce myself first as I am new to this forum, my name is Barbara, I am 30 yo mother to three awesome kids who make each day one I fight for. My eldest Linda and beside something of a klutz she is fine. My middle daughter is Danae she is 5, she is diagnosed with ADHD, and then the...
  7. mum2JK&TH

    Update on difficult child

    Went to Neuro - he seemed at a loss What am I missing here? We are now trying the 1/4 tablet of Clonidine (Dixatrit) at 8 am and then at 4 pm and continuing the Concerta. He did not know what Tenex was so I had to call him when we got home to give him the brand name (I guess it is different...
  8. C

    To medicate or not

    Hi Yesterday my 8 yr old son was diagnosed, over a 3 year period, with ADHD and also ODD. At the moment i'm having the medication arguement with myself and would love to hear from you all regarding your own experiences.
  9. H

    5 year old ADHD & ODD

    This is my first time on here but I am coming here to get help dealing with my 5 year old we just found out about 3 months ago that he has ADHD and ODD and we have been running a uphill battle now for 2 years and we have now got an answer to why I feel like just running away from him all the...
  10. Janna

    So, I'm Thinking Back

    to when Dylan was 3. 5. When I came here and he was 7 years old. "Severe ODD" is what he was labeled, haha! ADHD/ODD. He had been diagnosis'ed in the past. Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Mood Disorder, not otherwise specified. Disruptive Behavioral Disorder or something hahaha. Yeah, he was disruptive. Slammed his head...
  11. C

    Top psychiatrist but maybe not right one, or is it me?

    I am fried here too. Went with the clinician and difficult child 1 to the psychiatrist appointment. I am starting to feel is might be me? Cos I have two difficult child seeing him and constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY he keeps on telling me it's my mental health letting me see all these negative things and nothing positive. I...
  12. K

    New psychiatrist appointment...interesting

    You all know that I wanted a new psychiatrist for a long time. Due to insurance it was just difficult to do. Mental Health insurance changed this year and the psychiatrist that was recommended was on there. (just in time for me losing my job) difficult child had an appointment this morning. Suppose to be one hour...
  13. A

    What do you do when your child is raging?

    We have a very predictable Saturday morning pattern, and it starts with a massive rage by difficult child. He wakes up at the crack of dawn and starts demanding stuff of us - get up! feed me! take me fishing! now! etc. and when we don't do exactly what he says he goes into his screaming, crying...
  14. I


    I need to vent (it's my first time here). My heart is breaking for my 6 year old son. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD last year,....after trying to get one since he was 18months. I'm so frustrated that we keep getting doctors (I'm so sick of them) who dismiss me, like I don't know what I'm...
  15. N

    Pysc. appointment

    We had an appointment with a psychrisist today. Actually this is the first time he has seen this type of doctor. The numerous docs we've seen have been specialist in other fields or psychologists. Needless to say it was and experience. I now everyone recommends seeing a neuropsyc but I have not...
  16. jannie

    which mood stablizer ?

    I know no one here is a doctor..but I've heard people say that certain mood stablizers are used to treat certain symptons. I really believe difficult child 2 needs some type of mood stabilizer. For the past 1 1/2 p-doctor has told be to start him on trileptal. I haven't... I've trialed other...
  17. W

    Medication making meltdowns worse?

    I sat here typing out our story to share with y'all and I realized something.... It seems as if every time we changed/increased medication my son's behavior worsened. I understand the whole medication thing is trial and error, but we've had two psychiatric hospitalizations in less than a year for...
  18. crazymama30


    difficult child has been on Daytrana for about 2 weeks. We started at the lowest 10 mgs, and now are to 15mg, the 2nd lowest. I do think it is helping, and has minimal side effects for him. (Cross fingers.) We have had several nights where he was really grumpy, but we had a he## of a week. Monday we...
  19. crazymama30

    daytrana update

    So far I remain very happy with this medication. I do not see any of the rebound I have seen with the other medications. I think it is more smooothly given since it is a transdermal patch. I am not sure if we need to up the dose or not, we see psychiatrist tommorrow. I think I may want to wait untill school...
  20. S

    OMG at my its end

    The stupid sleep disorder doctor is only a pediatrician pumenlogist(sp). She has no idea why he doesn't sleep, or why he wakes up so many times. I am going crazy, cause I am barely sleeping ie only a couple hours a night. His seizures has decreased, or at least I haven't noticed them. Anyways all this doctor...