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Okay let me introduce myself first as I am new to this forum, my name is Barbara, I am 30 yo mother to three awesome kids who make each day one I fight for. My eldest Linda and beside something of a klutz she is fine. My middle daughter is Danae she is 5, she is diagnosed with ADHD, and then the youngest my son Eric has been diagnosed with a developmental delay, speech delay, ADHD and we are trying to rule out Aspergers for him. So what actually brings me here is Danae.:sweating:

She was initially diagnosed with ADHD about a month ago. We had behavior issues for a while but the doctors didnt bother trying to listen to me when I brought it up. We went to a new doctor for a physical and I mentioned the concern for her behavior because, it was affecting her schooling. She came home everyday with a different note ranging from her inability to listen to the lesson, to the impulsivity, being an almost constant distraction to her classmates. The teacher and I took the questionaires, and after the dr reviewed them and saw Danae again officially diagnosed ADHD, and we put her on Adderall XR 5mg, and started behavior therapy.

I noticed the difference in her the first day, she actually sat down to eat her food, without fidgeting, without getting up every 10 seconds, she was able to think enough to form the thought and communicate it verbally and not stutter while saying it, at school the teacher noticed the difference as well, were before Danae was falling below grade level in the two weeks on Adderall she moved up a reading class. :D

Then we went to the follow-up, we got a script to continue on the Adderall, the problem when I got to the pharmacy, they said United required pre auth. The doctors office tried to get the prior auth and was denied stating that Danae needed to try another medication before they would cover the adderall. Giving the options we were dealt they changed Danae to dexedrine er spanules, since staring this medication Danae is Jeckyl and Hyde, she is either running like there is no tomorrow or depressed, has trouble sleeping waking at 5am after going to bed after midnight, she overreacts to simple situations often breaking down in tears screaming she's not pretty, she's stupid, no one loves her. She has very strange interaction with her peers and with her siblings today she ran off the school van, screaming and running as if someone was going to kill her. The homework that two weeks ago took 45 minutes now take us 2-3 hours to complete, her impulsivity is out of control, she is bouncing off the walls, and nothing is stopping her, not even hurting herself. Her attention span is from nil to non-existent. I have statements from her regular teacher, her reading teacher, her van driver, her daycare teacher, my mom, her boyfriend and my coworker, all stating how Danae has changed on this medication. :sad-very:

My question is it hasnt been thirty days, I cant just stop the medication suddenly because she would go into withdrawl, I am appealing UHC decision to give her the Adderall, What am I supposed to do next? How more can I help her. I am worried that that the things she says about herself that she believes them. What am I supposed to do, does anyone can anyone tell me how to get her insurance to work with me instead of against me, or any programs that will help with the Adderall XR prescription costs?:faint:


Barbara, welcome!

You should ask your daughter's prescribing physician about stopping the Dex immediately. Stimulants like Dex are quick in and out medications and can be stopped suddenly, unlike other classes of medications, but I would strongly encourage you to discuss this with the doctor before doing anything on your own.

In terms of the insurance, the doctor can appeal the insurance company's decision not to cover Adderall. I'd recommend calling your insurance company to find out exactly how an appeal is made and then provide that information to your daughter's doctor. Your daughter's extreme reaction to Dex may actually help in the appeal.

Good luck.


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If you tried another medication and it did not work and that is documented by you and by the doctors office, the doctor's office should be able to contact the insurance company and I would think this would get straightened out.

by the way, with a stimulant I believe (check with pharmacist/doctor) that you can stop them and not have a withdrawal effect. We have done that in the past with stims. The dex is not helping anything is it?

Good luck to you and welcome. This is a good place and I have learned lots here, and gotten lots of suport and understanding.


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Welcome to our corner. It is a really supportive place. I am glad you found us, but sorry you need us.

Usually there is NOT withdrawal from medications for ADHD. My oldest was on many of them. Your insurance wants you to try the generics before they will OK the others. This is pretty common. You do NOT need to try them for 30 days. CALL THE doctor and tell them about her reaction - this is a BAD reaction and the medication needs to be changed. The doctor can now tell United that she cannot tolerate this medication, she needs the other one.

The insurance may demand another generic. It isn't a bad idea to try them, but if this is her reaction then she needs to be changed.

Have they evaluated her for anything else? Often we find that our "ADHD kids" have other problems or have something else. It sounds like you are at the beginning of hte journey and are getting some helpful info.

We do have an insurance forum, they may be helpful with this. Also the Special Education forum can help you with IEP's and other educational things. The people in the forums are just wonderful.

I hope things smooth out soon. Sounds like you have a lot on your hands.




The doctor's office should be able to get this changed with the insurance company based on her reaction to the medication. It will carry more weight coming from them.

I would take her off this medication, though, no matter what. It sounds like she's worse on this medication than on no medications at all.

Welcome to the board.


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HI and welcome.
Are you contented with your children's diagnoses? I agree that often a plain ADHD diagnosis. is something else. I'd especially be looking at your child with the speech delays. Have they ever seen NeuroPsychs?
Glad you found us :)