1. P

    Vyvanse--anyone heard about it?

    Hi The makers of Adderall have come out with a "new" ADHD drug Vyvanse. Has anyone heard anything about it? Better/worse than Adderall? thanks for input... Chris
  2. J

    Medication Crossroad? Any thoughts/experience?

    difficult child's psychiatrist is wanting to try another d**n medication. psychiatrist absolutely believes that difficult child is bipolar and ADHD. Now I had a neuropsychologist done at an early age and it agreed with a mood disorder. Even though it was independent, I don't think it was as thorough and again he was young. He saw a pediatrician...
  3. W

    Drake Institute

    Hey there! I'm new to this or any parental support forum. I guess I need it more this year than ever before. My son is 7 and suffers from ADD without the hyperactivity. Although, he does exibit traits. He also has some Asperger traits which can affect him socially. My son and I are...
  4. weatheringthestorm


    I know this is new, but has anyone used this medication? A co-worker's daughter started this and it has been a miracle drug for her. Since she and my son have some similar issues and behavior (like other ADD medications not really working, mood swings) we talked to his psychiatrist about trying this. The psychiatrist...
  5. Shari

    Is it worth trying other stims?

    Or since the Ritalin made my child a raving lunatic, are they all pretty much in the same boat?
  6. F

    Black box warning on ADHD medications (?)

    I saw a blip on Discovery Health at around 4am but can't find an article. Anyway it sounded like they were saying that the FDA is going to be adding a black box warning to ADHD medications for a couple of reasons, one of them being irritability and agitation (don't quote me exactly). Also said that...
  7. R

    When is too much concerta too much?

    Hi Everyone: We had our difficult child on Concerta of 27 mg. We hadn't been to a psychiatric for evaulation since our original diagnosis several years ago. Our family Dr. retired and we were given a new one who is very antimedication. He prescribes the Concerta based on weight not on conditions etc. We visited...
  8. J

    I'm new. NEED HELP!!!!!

    I have three beautiful children, ages 9, 7 and 5. My 7 year old son has some major behavioral issues. I am absolutely certain that he has ODD but I am very confused by what else is going on with him. We have been having issues with him since he was about 2 years old and have had him evaluated...
  9. J

    Anyone tried the new Vyvanse for ADHD?

    Been a bit since I posted as difficult child was maintaining pretty nicely. We had finally reached therapuetic level on Depakote. Since he was mainaining well, the psychiatrist decided it was time to address the ADHD. We started with Dexedrine, but it did not really have any effect. We just started the new...
  10. E

    need feedback on abilify

    It has been a while since I have been on because my difficult child was doing really well up until 3 weeks ago. Just got back from the dr. and he has changed his medications again. He has taken him off the imipramine he was on due to a side effect of not being able to breath thru his nose at night. He was...
  11. barbie

    In desperate need of help, tips, insight

    Okay let me introduce myself first as I am new to this forum, my name is Barbara, I am 30 yo mother to three awesome kids who make each day one I fight for. My eldest Linda and beside something of a klutz she is fine. My middle daughter is Danae she is 5, she is diagnosed with ADHD, and then the...
  12. jdharris79

    Newbie from Canada

    Hi, I really hope you do not mind that I am reaching out from up here but theres not much support around my "neck of the woods" lol. I have 2 beautiful smart independent sons, my youngest is 19 months and his father and i have been together for almost 4 years now who has also stepped up and...
  13. Lothlorien


    Why is it that family members that see your kid only once in a while say stupid things like "Gee, she seemed fine the other night, when I was there."????? It's as if they are questioning my capabilities as a parent. That just sooooo ticks me off, Especially when they are so little involved in...
  14. E

    Reality Check

    Before I start ... I was a member of the board a few years back but I "wandered away" and can't remember my old login so had to start a new account. I know I should fill in my signature with all of our info etc... but I just can't wrap my head around it right now so I will get to it soon. difficult child...
  15. mum2JK&TH

    Update on difficult child

    Went to Neuro - he seemed at a loss What am I missing here? We are now trying the 1/4 tablet of Clonidine (Dixatrit) at 8 am and then at 4 pm and continuing the Concerta. He did not know what Tenex was so I had to call him when we got home to give him the brand name (I guess it is different...
  16. A

    Update on 5 yr old daughter

    Hi, remember me (the overnight change). We went for the second blood test for strep, and it was negative. I know the doctor is not up on PANDAS, and I still think he might have missed something. We have an appointment for a full physical next friday, and I am going to ask for a neuro workup...
  17. ?

    Behaviour mod (him & us), medications, professional help

    Duping some of what momtoalex had to say. My timing in finding this board (almost a year ago!) was very lucky and we have followed Pico's advice re building a village. We had already had difficult child thoroughly checked out by family physician for possible medical causes, had had a specialized...
  18. C

    To medicate or not

    Hi Yesterday my 8 yr old son was diagnosed, over a 3 year period, with ADHD and also ODD. At the moment i'm having the medication arguement with myself and would love to hear from you all regarding your own experiences.
  19. P

    New here

    I am new here but by no means new to messageboards. I am at my wits end up my daughter(difficult child#3). Currently she is upstairs screaming that I am mean and she hates me. As much as it hurts me, I am able to just turn my back and walk away which sometimes stops the screaming. She was a preemie born at...
  20. klemie

    New to board, 7 year old son has ODD

    Hello eveyone, Well I have a 7 year old son that was just diagnosed with ODD, a daughter with sever anxiety disorder, and a husband that was diagnosed two years ago with Bipolar and so I am here! Life is busy, rough at times but I love them all. Just came home from hospital today as my hubby is...