I know this is new, but has anyone used this medication? A co-worker's daughter started this and it has been a miracle drug for her. Since she and my son have some similar issues and behavior (like other ADD medications not really working, mood swings) we talked to his psychiatrist about trying this. The psychiatrist thought it was worth a shot. She gave us a packet with info and a number to call to get a free 30 day trial.

Has anyone used this? What did you / difficult child think of it?


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I got the free 30 day trial for difficult child, but was too chicken to give it to her. These type of medications, for HER, work in certain areas in a positive way, but make her more agressive & mean! Some days I want to give it a try though & chicken out.


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After trying many different stimulants middle difficult child went on this about a month ago at 30mg. She is about to go up to 50 mg in a couple of days. So far so good. It took away the rough crashes that happen typically with other stimulants, so far hasn't produced a mouth tic (she would lick her lips or pick at them), and lasted levelly all day. The only reason we are adjusting upwards is it was a preliminary starting dose and isn't quite strong enough. I know it also seems like a big jump but it's the dosages and this medication's dosages apparently are actually lower dosages in reality compared to other medications at comparable dosages (their own dosage charts although different numbers).

The psychiatrist said it is like getting the best part of dexedrine spansules which we had the best luck with but with out the hard crashes which is what we were experiencing. Also, supposedly they took the property out of the drug that causes addiction/abuse (since so many kids were abusing the stimulants) for this medication. Just .02 from him to me, to you to pass on. Hope it helps in some small ways. If anything changes I'll certainly post.

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Vyvanse is a Schedule II Controlled Drug just like all the other amphetamines. The potential for abuse and addiction is there. It may be less in some circumstance but certainly it hasn't been removed.

From the prescribing information:
Human Studies
In a human abuse liability study, when equivalent oral doses of 100 mg lisdexamfetamine dimesylate and 40 mg immediate release d-amphetamine sulfate were administered to individuals with a history of drug abuse, lisdexamfetamine dimesylate 100 mg produced subjective responses on a scale of 'Drug Liking Effects' 'Amphetamine Effects', and 'Stimulant Effects' that were significantly less than d-amphetamine immediate release 40 mg. However, oral administration of 150 mg lisdexamfetamine dimesylate produced increases in positive subjective responses on these scales that were statistically indistinguishable from the positive subjective responses produced by 40 mg of oral immediate-release d-amphetamine and 200 mg of diethylpropion (C-IV).

Intravenous administration of 50 mg lisdexamfetamine dimesylate to individuals with a history of drug abuse produced positive subjective responses on scales measuring 'Drug Liking', 'Euphoria', 'Amphetamine Effects', and 'Benzedrine Effects' that were greater than placebo but less than those produced by an equivalent dose (20 mg) of intravenous d-amphetamine.


We tried it, but it just made difficult child more agitated and aggressive. Although I believe that he definately has a form of ADHD, difficult child cannot take any stimulant. We have trialed Metadate, Adderall, Vyvanse, and a host of others without success.


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Thank you sarah. Now that just makes me mad that psychiatrist would outright lie in promoting it in such a manner! I mean really!!!:angry-very: I'm sorry I then passed on what he mis informed. As far as how it's working though, it is working, so far.

I am going to confront him the next time I see him. I bet he is going to say "I didn't say that!" UGH!

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If he's like the doctors I've had dealings with, he'll say that he never reads the prescribing information, they're written by lawyers. That's not true either.

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easy child just started this medication about 2 weeks ago. It is helping her with avoiding the big crash she was experiencing with Adderall and allowing her to focus more in the evening with her homework.


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difficult child 2 has been on it since early fall. He takes about 20 mg. It has been quite helpful....it seems to last into the evening.