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Hey there! I'm new to this or any parental support forum. I guess I need it more this year than ever before.
My son is 7 and suffers from ADD without the hyperactivity. Although, he does exibit traits. He also has some Asperger traits which can affect him socially. My son and I are going to the Drake Institute tomarrow to have him assessed. My husband and I went to Irvine for their seminar and we really liked what we saw.
Our son has already been medicated for the past year. We took him off the Dexedrine as it wasn't helping him. Also, he developed a sudden fear of swallowing the capsules. I told his doctor this bit of info. and the doctor requested that I open the time-released capsule and sprinkle the drug onto applesauce and spoon feed my son his medicine. I felt that this wasn't the best of ideas, so I called a couple of pharmacists (as I trust what they have to say about medicine). Both pharmacists told me not to do it as it could potentially over-dose my son. Needless to say, that doctor isn't my son's doctor anymore.
Our son is also on Tenex 2mg at bedtime and I can't say that's helping him either. I started wondering if there was a special school that might be able to benefit Tyler and help him on his path. I found the Drake Institute and we are going to try out the treatment they have to offer. It's expensive, but our little boy is so worth it. I wish there were programs to help with the cost however. If anyone has heard about someone or knows someone that has benefited from the treatment at the Drake Institute, we'd really love to hear it. I need some good, refreshing news! We'll also keep you updated on Tyler's progress. He will be getting an extensive assessment as well as a brain mapping done tomarrow. The good news is we won't have to wait for the results, they will be read and delivered right to us. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is a good thing.
Thanks = )


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I welcome you to the board! I hope the appointment today is very productive and you find some answers. If a medication is not working or making it worse, then it is definately time to try something else. Your son is absolutely worth doing your best to find answers and treatment!

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Hi Weary, welcome!
I haven't heard of the Drake Institute but it sounds interesting. I think my difficult child has aspie traits, too, but his medications actually work. It's a long process to get all of this stuff figured out.
Let us know the results. In fact, you can type them into your profile.


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We know it was a good thing. We had our daughter, age 7, treated at the Drake Institute. We were not disappointed. She is able to sit quietly and read, her behavior in school and at play is very different. It was great not to have our daughter tied to medication for the rest of her life.

The improvements increased as the treatments progressed and with the family therapy sessions. It will definitely be time consuming for you but is well worth it for most children.

I talked to another parent in the waiting room who's child was still on medications at the end of their treatment. With only a few sessions to go they are hopeful to have it completely removed but his dosage is down by 3/4.