Anyone tried the new Vyvanse for ADHD?


Been a bit since I posted as difficult child was maintaining pretty nicely. We had finally reached therapuetic level on Depakote. Since he was mainaining well, the psychiatrist decided it was time to address the ADHD. We started with Dexedrine, but it did not really have any effect. We just started the new medication Vyvanse on Tuesday. It made a huge difference the first day. He was focused and able to complete board games, a whole movie, played doing art and crafts fro 2 hours! It was amazing...then the CRASH came. It was bad, but even worse on day 2.

He would cycle for about 45 min each time. He'd be fine and then something would set him off and he would hit, kick, use "I hate you" "your stupid", then cry or run hysterically from his room. He would not listen, was blowing raspberries, every thing you said was funny. No calming him down. UGH. We haven't had an episode like this in a few months. I called the psychiatrist and we are going in later today.

Has anyone tried this yet? What have you seen in your difficult child's?

Kindergarten starts in 2 weeks...and I not looking forward to it.


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I have not tried it but am interested in feedback as I need to do something with my older child's adhd. Sometimes, the rebound is difficult for a few days and then they adjust. Good Luck


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My youngest difficult child was just put on this by the new psychiatrist last week. He's been on it for 1 1/2 weeks and seems okay on it so far, but school hasn't started. We won't be going back to the new psychiatrist, so I'm hoping to get a new psychiatrist visit in quickly to see what medications he really should be on. I do know he's back to not sleeping at all. He doesn't fall asleep til 2-3 am and then wakes up at 5-6 am. He moves a bunch at night, just can't seem to wind down.