1. Janna

    So Tell Me About The Uncommon medications

    that may be working for your kid. What do you do when you've tried them all? Dylan's hyperactivity and impulsivity are skyrocketing. We had him 6 full days over the holiday, and every person that came in contact with him said he seemed "10x worse", "ready to jump out of his skin", "couldn't...
  2. B

    Possible Asperg., ODD, Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)

    Hello, I am new here and trying to memorize all of you terminology. This seems like a wonderful sight and makes me feel so unalone already. My difficult child (son) is 8y/o. When he was 3 I started realizing he was a little different than his peers. I was reading a mag. article about asperg. (never...
  3. tiredmommy

    Mella? Come out and say hi!

    I want you to get a proper intro, so I'm copying & pasting your original post into it's own thread. From Mella: Hi There -- I'm a newbie as well and stumbled onto this forum while trying to find help for my own 5 year old ADHD/ODD son. It's nice to know that there are others who are also...
  4. H

    5 year old ADHD & ODD

    This is my first time on here but I am coming here to get help dealing with my 5 year old we just found out about 3 months ago that he has ADHD and ODD and we have been running a uphill battle now for 2 years and we have now got an answer to why I feel like just running away from him all the...
  5. Janna

    So, I'm Thinking Back

    to when Dylan was 3. 5. When I came here and he was 7 years old. "Severe ODD" is what he was labeled, haha! ADHD/ODD. He had been diagnosis'ed in the past. Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Mood Disorder, not otherwise specified. Disruptive Behavioral Disorder or something hahaha. Yeah, he was disruptive. Slammed his head...
  6. S

    I don't think I can hold on.

    Well I must admit I really hoped I wouldn't have to come back here. AS much as I loved you all, I was happy to finally be able to move forward as life seemed to finally be getting better. WRONG. Let me first off say I'm sorry for such a long post, but I need to get this off my chest. difficult child#1 is...
  7. --Eleanor--

    Daytrana update

    Hi all: I've been busy and haven't posted much lately, but I wanted to follow up on medication issues that various people discussed here about a month ago. I had very mixed feelings about ritalin, regular and extended release, because my son ranged from irritable to irrational when coming off...
  8. L

    When medication started, how soon did you see results?

    As my almost-6-year-old is screaming downstairs, I am looking forward to our first psychiatrist appointment. Would you mind sharing your first medication experiences for your soon were medication's effects experienced and what were they? Thank you so much!
  9. T

    What are any of your experiences with Focalin?

    My difficult child has been on Metadate for about five years. We have tried Dexadrine, Concerta and Strattera but he has severe side effects. He still has issues at school (day dreaming, behavioral,) and some behavorial issues at home so we are looking at trying something new. We tried Dayterra but he...
  10. Sheila

    ADHD and Learning Disability (LD) articles

    Click on to access: Larry Silver, M.D. Larry Silver, M.D., is the author of Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on AD/HD and The Misunderstood Child: Understanding and Coping with Your Child's Learning Disabilities. He is also a clinical professor...
  11. K

    Concerta Side Effects

    My difficult child has been on Ritalin for a couple of months with fairly good results at school. Let's not talk about the rebound :frowny:. His Dr suggested that Concerta would be a good next step to cover the small bumps in the day he is experiencing. We gave him his first 27mg dose yesterday but it...
  12. F

    Concerta 54 "It makes me so jittery, but I can concentrate better"

    Any suggestions on what to do? Jumper came home and her eyes literally looked like they were glowing. I found out her dad had been forgetting to give her her ADHD medications so I quickly took over that duty and she took Concerta 54 mgs. for the first time in days. It was also her first 54 mg. dose...
  13. C


    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I have two daughters ages 10 and 8. My youngest was diagnosed with ADD a couple months ago and has been taking concerta for it. She has made remarkable improvements in school and seems to be adjusting well to the medication. If anyone here has or has had a child on...
  14. C


    Hi there. My daughter was just give a prescription for Concerta. Did anyone have any problems with this drug? Did it work for your child if they took it?
  15. HMBgal

    Thoughts on medication Vacations?

    I did try to do a search but perhaps am not using the correct search string (medication + vacation). If you guys could send me to the right place, I can look around. I'm concerned about my grandson who just turned six, on Concerta, and he's strong (incredible at gymnastics) but so thin and eats...
  16. T

    Does anyone have experience with dexedrine?

    difficult child 2 has been getting his healthcare through the VA. They had him on all kinds of medications, steroids for a supposed asthma (NO pulmonary function test was performed), atavan for restless arm, ambien for insomnia and others I can't even remember. They got him off those medications and some doctor saw him for...
  17. A

    antidepressants after 1 week - IQ/executive function drop?

    I feel like I only come here when I'm in crisis. Apologies for that. Maybe one day I'll have my stuff together enough to give advice rather than plead for it. difficult child started Lexapro a week ago because of anxiety-ish symptoms. His dr. gave us a sample months ago because of his anxiety reaction any time...
  18. I

    Hi I am new to the site and need some advice

    I have not quite got the abbreviations down so pleae bare with me... My DS will be four. We have always had a hard time with him since his premature birth. He attended a nursery school at two and did not adjust well. We were told by the school and family members that since he was an only...
  19. barbie

    Clueless and Confused

    Just my luck, you know, my case was assigned to someone who was out sick!!! I called SS Admin and was like I had a telephone interview at 2pm and its now 245 and noone has called. They finally called something like 3pm. The psychiatrist, changed Eric from dexadrine to clonodine 0.1mg 1/2 tab...
  20. C

    Just found this group and SO grateful!

    Hi, everyone! I am a mother to 2 difficult children, both girls, age 11 and 5. I feel like I am truly losing my mind. difficult child 1 (who will actually be 11 in 10 days) just started her third week of partial hospitalization. It looks like we will end up with diagnoses of ADHD-combined and ODD, with heavy emphasis on...