Does anyone have experience with dexedrine?

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    difficult child 2 has been getting his healthcare through the VA. They had him on all kinds of medications, steroids for a supposed asthma (NO pulmonary function test was performed), atavan for restless arm, ambien for insomnia and others I can't even remember. They got him off those medications and some doctor saw him for 20 mns, decided he showed signs of ADHD. It took us three days of testing and $622.00 to get him diagnosed ADD by a psychologist. doctor has him now on dexedrine.

    I spoke to him and all my alarms are going off, "mom, I've never felt so clear, so focused. I feel like I could set my mind on any goal and achieve it successfully!". This is a kid who was a druggie, couch surfing for a couple of years. Dexedrine is an amphetamine.

    The literature states that family history should be reviewed before prescribing dexedrine. He's adopted and we know nothing. Literature states "not recommended for those suffering from anxiety". When he was in basic in OK, every time the tornado warning went off, he would leave his body and blank out, remember nothing. Why didn't they put him on adderal which has a smaller amount of this drug?

    I'm very worried. He is now happily married and loves his job. He is proud because they told him he is an asset to the company. This after he only got a GED following years of being bullied and put down by teachers and classmates.

    When do we ever stop worrying about our kids???
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    Great rhetorical question... <grin>

    I'm not familiar with this particular drug, but its one of the stims - and one of the critical factors with stims is that the dose is as important as the drug itself. So, he could be on a low dose... and be no different really than some of the options.
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    Years ago we had a devoted family member who lived in Canada. At that time her fosters were given dex. although out kids were getting Ritalin and Concerta. According to her it was six of one half dozen of another. I have no personal knowledge but she was a WM. DDD
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