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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barbie, Apr 3, 2008.

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    Just my luck, you know, my case was assigned to someone who was out sick!!! I called SS Admin and was like I had a telephone interview at 2pm and its now 245 and noone has called. They finally called something like 3pm.

    The psychiatrist, changed Eric from dexadrine to clonodine 0.1mg 1/2 tab on the am and 1/2 at 3 and thn 1/2 to 1 whole one at bedtime. I gave Eric his 1/2 tab tonight and like 45 minutes later he's asleep, I just wonder, I know I want him a slowed down a little but I dont want him sleeping all the time either, where is the medium, I mean what as been anyone else's experience with clonodine?

    With Danae, Im guessing just because she is older then Eric, they went straight to Adderall XR and toour house it was our miracle, it was a day and night change, she was able to sit down at the dinner table and actually sit stil and eat her food without jittering in her seat and playing with her hands or making odd sounds, screaming out. It seemed so clear cut with Danae, she has ADHD they gave her a medication and it worked first try, straight out of the box, no additional anything. With Eric, it seems like they dont know, and whats worse, I dont know. I feel clueless, which is something Im used to feeling with Eric, the more testing we do, the more scared I am, the more confused I feel and I really just want to be able to help my little boy, my baby who comes and gives me hugs and kisses, and tells me mommy your pretty and smart. He's so sweet, with me, and even I feel at my wits end when in an hour Ive gotten his millionth mommy, or him bouncing off the walls and, or climbing his sisters. I know others have felt the same thing, but I dont know. Thats the worst part I think, just that I dont know.

    Oh yeah, his father who hasnt so much as called in ayear called me this morning and had the gall to say that Eric's problems are because I dont discipline him. Told me to send him to VA, I said the only way that would happen would be over my dead, rotting, stinking, decaying corpse. The last time he so much as saw Eric, Eric was only 2 months old and the last time before today he called me was around November of 2006. He is for all intense purposes a perfect stranger to Eric, and his lifestyle isnt anything I would subject any child to, let alone my child/:dissapointed:
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    The doctor may be avoiding stimulant medication because the diagnosis is unclear. Stimulant medications can make kids with bipolar worse so it's possible that he/she is exercising caution.

    Hopefully you'll be able to get the timing of the Clonodine down so it helps. My difficult child usually knocks out (without medications) almost immediately when his head hits the pillow and it does help him get a better night sleep, plus keeps some anxiety at bay.
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    It's most common for Clonidine to cause sleepiness until the body adjusts to it. My difficult child is 12, but he has taken it for years. Many of these medications cause sleepiness when they are first introduced. I had the same fears, but within a week, that extreme had abated. Don't be overly concerned and enjoy a little peace and know that your child is getting a good night's sleep!
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    Whew! (((HUGS))) This whole adventure is MORE than stressful, I know. I don't have any ideas about medications, but wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you. Keep us posted!