Aging with difficult child-itis

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by emotionallybankrupt, Aug 8, 2010.

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    I'm noticed for a while that the my body has been giving me all sorts of signals that, indeed, I am getting older. Some changes have surprised me, paticularly at how FAST they go once they start. The most obvious examples are the acceleration of graying of my hair and advancement of my arthritis. The hand arthritis has been the most aggravating. Honestly the gray doesn't bother me. I think that's because I was raised not to give it much attention and certainly not to try to cover it up. The women mentors in my family have been quite consistent in ignoring the gray.

    I FINALLY got around to getting a haircut yesterday. I was shocked to realize I hadn't been there in a year! I wear a blunt cut on purpose because I CAN delay like that (translate save money) without it getting ragged, and also it's so easy to take care of. Particularly in this heat of THIS summer, it's been great to be able to quickly tie it up in a high ponytail and get it off my neck. I really think I've been cooler than people with shorter hair, who CAN'T get it off their necks. One curiosity to me, especially noticeable as he worked, was the amount of 3-4 inch hair growing in around my face. I look a bit like I have fringe, and it does look a little "wild" with that ponytail. He didn't have a particular explanaton, but then last night I suddenly figured it out. That hair HAD to start growing in about the time difficult child moved out! I remember the same process happening both times after childbirth, and I think it's a fitting metaphor that the process would repeat once I "birthed" difficult child out of my house and into the world. Yet more evidence of the stress that had been taking its toll on my body--as well as the healing process I've been aware of over the past 10 months.

    I know I'm still getting older, and my body is ging to continue to remind me of that as I go, but maybe it's at least gotten a bit of a second wind! Encouraging and validating to see objective signs like that to go along with the more subjective, "I just feel better."
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    It's amazing how much stress accelerates the aging process. To the extent possible, reduce the stress and you will take years off. I can totally relate to the getting old stuff. Whenever I say "I'm getting old" either husband or my boss will say "you're already there" lol. True dat.