Alcohol grabs another out of town teen


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Got a call last night. Another gifted, achieving grandson has
been arrested. He passed out behind the wheel. Fortunately he
did not get involved in an accident. He lost his license for a
year because, when he woke up, he refused to take the test.

I'm not sure what is going on in society today but our family teens are falling like flies in a bunch of different cities. Of
course, easy child/difficult child "was a star" and is scrambling "in the pit". A
second Gson (also gifted, by the way) embraced weed and dropped out of
high school and is traveling at the age of 17. Two great nephews
have been absorbed by pot. One boy with access to ANY college in
the USA due to his extraordinary math talent is evidently dealing
and assuming he won't get caught because he "is smart". Another
graduated late after being in the top of a class with over 2000.

This just has to be a blankin' epidemic. I know it is a huge
waste of youth. So sad. DDD


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How sad. I know ant had extra penalties with his three DUIS for being under 21 as well as for refusing the test.

It is a family trait I think. Ant comes from a long line of alcoholics. sometimes I wonder if we should ever reproduce if we knew that. sigh.


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I, too, see more and more kids ruining their lives. I graduated in the early 80's. I was no angel and would have been considered a difficult child in my time, but today I see kids, who instead of just experimenting, are choosing to "live the lifestyle." My students at school are offended when I use the term pot-head loser to desscibe my son. (Well, now I say former pot-head loser.) I told difficult child that over the weekend and he laughed and said, "Well, that was what I used to be. I was just too caught up in it to see it for myself." These kids see their "role" models (for lack of a better word) in the Paris Hilton's and Fity-Cent's of the day. They see sports heros who are paid tremendous amoutns of money and aren't held accountable for their actions on or off the field or court.
A long time ago my oldest son wrote a satirical paper on the lack of morals in young people in which he blamed it all on Howard Stern (the shock jock). In it he talked about one parent households, the removal of prayer from schools, and the lack of teaching of values in the home. This was in 2000. I hate to blame the media, the music, but I know that I tried to teach moral values to my difficult child. The lack of those morals in society and in their friends influenced them more than I did. I wish I had an answer, but the more I think about it, the more questions I have about why????


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Oh sheesh, DDD. I'm so sorry. Have I mentioned lately that I HATE drugs and alcohol ? It's so sad what it does to our kids.

Sending hugs,


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I too hate drugs and alcohol. Used to be we only thought drugs were pills and stuff you injected. Nowadays the pot is just as dangerous and sometimes even worse.

It's sort of ironic though, here we are trying to find "blame" just as those who were parents in the 50's & 60's.

Today though there just seems to be so much more. It's also such a business.....our teens yearn to be like those who are dealing and making money. :grrr:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: SunnyFlorida</div><div class="ubbcode-body">
It's also such a business.....our teens yearn to be like those who are dealing and making money. :grrr: </div></div>

That's what I don't get. Where's the money? What's the allure? I know the dealers in my town. They are not rolling in the money. They live in crummy houses in crummy neighborhoods. I don't know a single person with ocean front property who is a drug dealer--- The kids difficult child ran with who dealt don't even own cars. They don't wear expensive clothing. The money ends up in some guy's hands that handle the big stuff, I guess. Because its not in the hands of the local dealers!

So what is it that pulls them in (our kids)? What causes someone to want to put a needle in his arm or powder up his nose or inhale a puff of smoke? How is it that a chemical can take a person and capture his soul? What kind of power must it have to make you steal from your parents and lie to yourself?

husband explained it to me once as a empty hole inside that you need to fill---so you chase after the high looking to fill the hole, but the hole just keeps getting larger and larger until all you can think about is that hole and filling it up.

But what creates the hole?

Sorry, just pondering....but if you have any answers.....


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There are some who deal that dont use who make the money. If you deal and use your own product you will never turn a profit. husband and I had a really sad conversation the other week because he works in construction here and is struggling really bad trying to make ends meet for us. I made some comment about how it was the type of job he was in and how I didnt blame him and yada yada. He told me point blank that the other people he knew that did the exact same thing he did were making plenty of money because they had no qualms about supplementing their income with selling drugs. As bad as we have it financially it was almost a tortured cry from can that be fair?

Of course, my answer was I would rather be poor than get money that way or have to worry daily about cops at the door. Its just not worth it to me but it doesnt seem fair that people can struggle to do the right thing and get nowhere and others can break the law and come out ahead.


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It is sad that so many kids are using drugs & alcohol. I agree that the kids see things in the movies, on tv, and how the athletes get away with their attitudes. Unfortunately, in our area, they have seen it being done by the law enforcement. Our own DARE officer was arrested for dealing. difficult child tells me that he goes to one friend's house where the father openly smokes joints. He won't tell me which friend it is.

There was an e-mail going around recently about how couples on tv used to sleep in twin beds, how there wasn't any "flesh" shown, no swearing, etc. It made reference to how things weren't as bad back then and now that a lot more is allowed, we have more troubles.