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My son is a month shy of 18. We had the guardianship hearing today and have partial guardianship. We know that he is not able to carry adult responsibilities and he knows it, but it was still bittersweet. Another one of those milestones (like that first psychiatrist visit when he was 6) that was nowhere mentioned in 'What to expect when your expecting".
So while he will hopefully mature and gain skills over the next decade, I will work on figuring out how to support him while letting him be an adult at the same time.
I don't post much, but have have been coming here for many years and have learned a lot from all of you. Thank you.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.

Welcome to posting. I can feel the exhaustion, uncertainty and sadness in your post.

While to are figuring out how to assist your son over the next decade please don’t forget about how to help yourself.

Welcome and do know you are not alone. 12 years is a long journey. Find kindness and support wherever you can. I know you will find a great deal here.