Am I being a big "B"?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mamaof5, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Mamaof5

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    I need some fresh eyes. Yesterday I shipped food stuff (charity fudge fundraiser for Wevil's school) to my mom because her and her co-workers bought a bunch to support my daughter's school.

    I paid 30 bucks to have it shipped Priority next AM guaranteed. It's been sitting in the Mississauga depot since 8.48 am this morning from Elliot Lake (little depot that got it right) as check in and ready to send out to the addressee (my mom's work). A note was made that it is a business this parcel was shipped to that runs Mon to Fri 8 am to 5pm and it was morning guarantee service anyway.

    My mom calls the post office head depot to ask what the heck happened, the customer rep gets all p*ssy with her and says it was the snow storm that backed us up. Err...what snow storm, Mississauga never got hit with one last week or the week before. Besides I paid for Priority next AM, I expect the guarantee that I paid for. This is fudge for crying out loud, already paid for fudge (by me, in advance to the school).

    I made a claim and I'm peeved. I want a refund. That dink customer service rep said we'll try to deliver Saturday. HELLO check the notation on the account...Mon to Fri 8Am to 5pm - it's a business, no one will be there. She says well then, we'll see IF we can deliver on Monday, no guarantees. We may not deliver for another couple of business days...
    WTF?? No, seriously...WTF?

    Am I being a "B" or am I in the right. I'm so irate right now that I can't see straight...GRRRR...

    If you are wondering - no I don't have sympathy for them for the Xmas rush, I paid for priority, they should prioritize those paid for services. Sorry, just the way I see it. I pay for a service, I want that service.
  2. Hound dog

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    Call them back and demand a supervisor. If that doesn't get you satisfaction, go over their head, and keep moving up until you get it. This is ridiculous. Next day delivery is next day not several days later, snow storm or no snow storm. I'd demand a refund for the fee as well as they pay for the fudge that probably won't be any good after sitting in their station so long.

    Nope, it's not you. They've got some lousy service going on.
  3. HaoZi

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    ^^^ Yeah, what Hound Dog said. That is absurd.
  4. tiredmommy

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    I'm outside of Buffalo, NY and I too can attest that there has not been a snowstorm in Mississauga. Unfortunately, the best you'll probably get back is the priority charge.
  5. KTMom91

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    You are not being a B. You are right.
  6. Mamaof5

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    Something told me to freeze that fudge!!! It was frozen for a day and a half before I shipped it. Hopefully that will help keep the fudge because I'm out a good chunk of money I paid in advance for them. *sigh* I knew it wasn't me. I'll have to call tomorrow morning (hopefully open tomorrow, I suppose they should be since its "Xmas" hours).

    I'll have to kick some butts I suppose to. Heck I've made 407ETR roll over, I can make the Canada Post roll too (for a 1200 ETR bill that wasn't mine, they tried to charge us 1200+ for a vehicle that was defunct and repo'ed at the time lol..thank goodness for being a pack rat).

    Thanks for the input, appreciate it!
  7. DammitJanet

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    I agree with the others. This sort of thing really peeves me no end.

    Several years ago I paid priority, overnight, have it there next day bright and early first thing in the morning guaranteed. I think it cost me like $50 bucks to send a padded envelope with a small set of keys in it. They got there 4 days later. Seriously. I could have walked them to their destination. I could have ridden a mule. I could have driven them myself for that amount of gas!

    I was furious.

    I will never pay for overnight again.

    My answer....send a dead fish by this carrier and let it sit in their warehouse since they seem to be so lax about getting stuff out. It should smell right nice in there!
  8. Hound dog

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    :rofl: what janet said :rofl:
  9. trinityroyal

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    Mof5, I'm in Toronto -- there was no snowstorm in Mississauga, the rep is giving you the business, you're definitely not being a B and you should give it to them with both barrels!
    (I've also had run-ins with the 407etr over the years...if you can make THEM roll over, the courier company should be a piece of cake).

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Okay NOT and repeat NOT to stick up for ANYONE here - but maybe to help you understand shipping - (as I'm getting into this now)

    What happens in Mississauga isn't just Mississauga - When they say THEY got backed up by the snow storm - It COULD (emphasis on could) be that the back up happened in OTHER shipping destinations which CAUSED the delay in Mississauga. I know it's whacky - but I can ship a pkg. across town - have a snow storm 100 miles NORTH of here and be told the delay is due to the storm. I'm like WHAT STORM? I could have WALKED it across town - and THAT is what I was told. The storm does NOT necessarily have to be LOCAL to back things up.

    However - when you signed the parcel to them - you can check the fine print and it will say either NO guarantees or GUARANTEE -

    If it said GUARANTEE - check to see if the guarantee says - NOT COVERED BY INCLEMENT weather - if THAT is the case you have no basis for a claim.

    If it DOES NOT? Then speak to a manager - and ask for a refund. But be prepared for a lengthy battle.

    As for me? I'm with you - but thought it may help you to understand that the terminology of backed up doesn't necessarily have to be in that town - they can claim backage as far away as 1000 miles. Nice huh?
  11. Mamaof5

    Mamaof5 Guest

    The shipped depots involved were point of origin (Elliot Lake), Sudbury depot (21.43 for time of arrival) and the Mississauga depot (8.48am where it sat all day).

    Star: I totally get what you are saying, I really really do. BUT - as above, they have no excuse for it. Why did it sit in a depot, checked and ready to go out in the truck from 8.48 am on a guaranteed paid for service? There's no weather involvement here at all, it was all ready to go. Elliot Lake didn't get hit by a storm, neither did Mississauga and Sudbury did last week and the week before but they still managed to get it over to Mississauga depot within more than enough time. That's where I'm stumped about this whole situation...why did two smaller depots, including one who saw the weather that the other two didn't get their act up and running efficiently but a large depot didn't.

    They didn't prioritize the mail, they had it on the truck ready to go and it's not the first time I've had problems with Canada Post and dumb stuff like this. I remember the delivery guy who didn't even bother (neighbor saw him do it) to try to deliver while I was home. He just quickly stuck the "no answer, pick up at depot" door tab on my door. I was home, didn't even ring the door bell, didn't even knock, nothing. That's lazy if you ask me and it's very common for Canada Post. Last year they (don't remember which depot) got nailed with an employee stealing gift cards from the boxes and mail along with gifts. It was a huge hoopla in the news last year and in the media. Dude did get fired luckily but that's nuts!