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    Not sure how many of you use amazon, but shipping is free with Amazon Prime. You can get amazon prime shipping (free 2 day, upgrade to one day for $3.99 per item) for FREE for 3 months or even longer with Amazon Mom or Amazon Prime!!

    Prime shipping is great esp when looking for deals. If you are busy you can save a LOT of time by having basics shipped - and with prime you don't pay a ton extra for shipping. With Amazon Moms you can set up scheduled shipments and save even more. their scheduled shipments normally save you 15% - and you can save another 15% on diapers and wipes - a total 30% discount on them with Amazon Moms.

    This is the body of the welcome email I got from the mom's program:
    We're so glad you're here. Now it's time to put Amazon Mom to work for you to save time and money. Here's how:

      • Save 30% on diapers and wipes, and save 15% on (nearly) everything else
        Why keep running out? Set up automatic delivery with Subscribe & Save to save 15% on select household and grocery essentials, and save 30% on diapers and wipes, which includes the standard 15% Subscribe & Save discount plus an additional 15% discount exclusively for Amazon Mom members. Subscribe & Save items are always sent with free standard shipping, and you can cancel at any time.
      • Get exclusive discounts
        Take advantage of discounts exclusive to Amazon Mom members. Bookmark the Amazon Mom homepage and join us on Facebook to be the first to know about our deals and product recommendations.
      • Enjoy FREE Two-Day shipping
        All Amazon Mom members qualify for three months of FREE Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime. You can extend this benefit: for every $25 you spend in the Baby Store, you earn an extra month of free Prime shipping benefits, up to a year.
        From coffee to bath toys, juice boxes to blenders, FREE Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime is eligible on millions of items sold or fulfilled by across all stores and departments. Products eligible for Amazon Prime will be designated on the product page and at checkout.
    Want to learn more about your Amazon Mom membership? You can also check out our frequently asked questions or give us feedback.

    You also get guaranteed delivery on day of release for new books, movies, games etc.... Amazon is usually cheaper than any local place in my area, so that is pretty nice for us. This page will link you to the explanation of the program and the sign up page. It says that it is for mothers of babies and toddlers but you do NOT NOT NOT have to have a baby or toddler. You also don't have to be a mom - dads, caregivers, stepparents, etc... are welcome. It is just called Amazon Mom because it sounds better than Amazon Parents and Caregivers. They ask for your child's birthday but you don't have to give them verification of that info in any way. I changed the birthday by a few days because I don't like to spread their real birthday around to places I shop. This will take you to the page that explains the program:

    I don't know the details of Amazon Student, but I do know that you ahve to have an active email with a university or school that has .edu at the end of the email addy. You can learn more about Amazon Student with this link:

    With the full ($79) Prime membership you can put other people on it. With the student and mom you cannot do this. Right now there is a deal to get a FULL prime membership for half price if you have the free student membership. You get one year for half price and this includes their free streaming videos. They have 6000 videos available for instant streaming with a full membership. Be aware that the selection of videos does change often, or so they claim. I haven't tried this so I don't know if it is true or not.

    Right now there is a thread on that will offer a full Prime membership for half price to anyone with Amazon Student. It is how I learned about all this. It doesn't work with Amazon Mom. The way the deal works is that you get your free student membership for a full year (NOT the 3 months with Amazon Mom) and then you have the option of renewing your prime membership for half price ($39) each year for 4 years! That is one full free year and 4 full half price years - or 5 years of free 2 day shipping for $158!! The half price offer is NOT a limited time offer. It is part of the student benefits to get students to continue to use amazon after they graduate and have some $$, and I doubt they are likely to change this.

    The one real condition for either the Moms or Students program is that you MUST accept emails from amazon. You CAN cancel the emails from amazon, but your free prime membership via Student or Mom will also be cancelled as of that time.

    If you already have a paid Prime membership and want to join either program, they will refund the months left on your paid full price membership. You won't get the streaming videos, but I think most of their free streaming videos are on hulu, netflix or even the network websites.

    This is a really great bargain, in my opinion, and costs nothing to try. I had a one month free prime membership deal that expired on July 8 and I saved over $45 on shipping for some stuff we needed including tubes for husband's CPAP machine (not just the item that was the wrong size).

    Please let me know if you decide to try it. I try to only post deals I think y'all will be interested in, but without feedback I don't have a clue if they are helpful or just taking up space. Thanks!
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    I was looking at getting Prime a while back, it would have been worth it just for the free shows & movies. I'm disappointed that Amazon Mom (or Student) does not come with that feature. Netflix is increasing their rates again, $79/year for Prime is looking like a bargain just for that.
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    I've signed up for the free trial of Prime at Christmastime before, used the free 2-day shipping and then cancelled ;-) One of these years I'll probably bite the bullet and buy the subscription.

    My Netflix plan is only going up if I want both DVDs *and* streaming video. If you want one exclusive of the other, it's still fairly cheap, in my opinion. Since I tend to keep DVD's at home for weeks at a time these days and never watch them, I'm dropping that part of the plan and switching to the streaming only serivce, which will be just $7.99/month. That'll actually be a $2.00 a month decrease for me.
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    How does this streaming netflix work?
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    You can watch it on your computer or other Netflix-enabled device. I use a Roku for a lot of what I watch.
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    You can watch netflix on your wii, other web enabled game system (including portable ones), some dvd and bluray players (ones that have internet access).

    Be VERY VERY sure that you can get what you want to watch on Amazon Prime. it does NOT have most of the things we watch on netflix. Of over 30 shows that we have enjoyed on netflix at one time or another, there were about six that were on Prime. Most of the ones on Prime were also on hulu for free - NOT the hulu plus pay service. for us it is far cheaper to keep netflix. I don't know if we will keep the dvd shipping. That will be up to the kids. We gave them the chance to be responsible with this and pay the extra $2 per month. Talking to a friend who has the Prime free video, there is no guarantee that any show will be there for any length of time. Netflix doesn't guarantee either, but they have a LOT more to offer.
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    I'll have to check out Prime! I've ordered quite a lot via Amazon in the past 12 months.

    Netflix in Canada doesn't offer the same variety as the US, and we still pay $7.99 for streaming video yet still we find it worth our while. We have various ways we watch. easy child often watches on her laptop. I have been known to stream a movie on my ipod in bed when I can't sleep. The small screen size doesn't annoy when close up like I am when laying in bed holding the ipod. We have a xbox 360 that streams netflix to the t.v. and for our other good t.v. rather than move the xbox back an forth, we simply stream it from a laptop and connect the laptop to the tv with a cable that is just left always plugged in to the tv ready to connect to the laptop.

    We also like that up to 3 users can use one netflix account. So easy child uses it when visiting her fathers (he has no cable or dish, they rent or buy dvds for their limited tv use) and Matt has the password and uses it to watch from our account even though he is across the country. Pretty good for $8. a month.

    Off to go read about Prime. Thanks for the tip! Sometimes its the shipping that gets me and prevents me ordering an item so this might be just the thing for me.