***American Idol***

Did I miss the post? I missed last night's audition so would desperately love to know how it went. Will have to miss tonight's as well! Actually I can, if I remember to record it! :smirk:




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Vickie, this has a pretty good recap but it won't mean much if you haven't seen or heard the singers.


And there's always www.americanidol.com where you can look at some of the auditions.

I only half listened last night. The judges didn't seem as mean as in previous shows and Paula actually acted mostly like she was *there* and paying attention!

There was one guy they let go who I thought should have been put through....I missed the storyline but when he went out there were a ton of what looked to be high school cheerleaders there to welcome him back. I don't know if he was their coach or what. Maybe someone else can fill in those blanks. I thought he had a great voice.



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That cheerleader guy was a cheerleader...plus a cheerleader coach. He wasnt that bad.

I really liked that Sundance Head guy but what on earth were his parents thinking naming him that? The only name worse would have been Richard. But the guy can sing!

There were several good ones. The backup singer who was so nervous was really good. I hope she gains some self confidence.

Looking forward to tonite...NY is always good for some weirdos.


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I was shocked by the guy who looked liked a revolutionist. My back was to the tv and I actually gasped when I saw the hair and beard with the fatigues. But he could sing...


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I was playing taxi driver last night so I missed it too. I
"almost" watched the first 15 minutes but then decided it would drive me nuts to leave IF the show was a good one, so
I skipped the whole thing.

by the way, I watched the beginning of The Apprentice TWICE and
fell assleep before the half way point. I "think" I saw a
faulty sound system on one bus. I "think" I saw a sharp female contestant doing a great job with a mike.

Not my week for TV, I guess! LOL DDD


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The only name worse would have been Richard.

[/ QUOTE ]

OMG---pig snorts, Janet. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (bad girl!!!)

D3- the gal who lead the team with the lousy mic QUIT before Trump had a chance to do the board room firing. Trump was incensed and really lectured her. I'm sure she would have been fired (she was a terrible project leader) and my guess is that she knew she would be fired and opted to quit. Instead, she had a whole speech about how her experience "was not what (she) was expecting..."....gee, no kidding!- was anyone expecting cold showers and tents? lol. I give her credit- she kept her cool while Trump was berating her.



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Wasnt the revolutionist guy a hoot! I really cant see him getting too far unless he does something with the hair though and that is saying something because I love long hair!

Suz...I thought you would appreciate my comment!


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Geez.......wouldn't you know I'd sleep through a really big
event! LOL. I'll catch in on the rerun but thanks for the
much needed update. DDD


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Janet - you are toooooo funny!!!! :rofl:

As for the revolution-guy! Can you picture the stylists - all of them - standing around the chair trying to decide what to change first!! It's like the movie - was it 'League of Their Own' - where they turn the group into 'ladies'? I love the line - "Eyebrows. There should be two." I hope he makes it far enough for us to witness the transformation! Hee hee. You can't script TV like that!!!


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"Richard" was what I thought of when I first heard his name! The long hair guy really does need to do something and I like long hair also.

I got a kick outta the girl who admitted she couldn't sing but wanted to be put through to Hollywood anyway-sheesh!

I googled that Carol Sager lady that was a judge, as i didn;t recognize her (she looked like Joan Collins). Turns out she, at one time, was marrried to Burt Bacharach and she wrote "Groovy Kind of Love" in the 60's! Hmmm, learn something new everyday.