American Idol

Great night last night! Love Jon Bon Jovi and thought he did great with all of the idols.

My favs last night were: Blake, Lakisha and Melinda. My usual fav Jordin bombed, I am sorry to say! Phil did a good job. Chris was kinda just so-so for me.

Blake was awesome, got back into his beat box bit and I thought it was great.

Lakisha is BACK!!! Wow, she was so good.

Melinda, wow, Tina Turner look out!!!

We say goodbye to 2 tonight, but it is both weeks combined votes, so hopefully Jordin won't go home. I have no idea who will go, those who didn't do so well the week before did great last night and visa verse. I am guessing Chris will be one of them, the other, anyones guess!!

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Blake just blew my socks off. I thought he was <span style='font-size: 20pt'><span style="color: #FF0000">FABULOUS</span></span>--- sure hope he goes back to being blonde again. :smile:

But Jordin... :smile:...was dreadful :smile: ...

Still, I'm hoping she won't get the boot because of one performance. I'm rooting for her to win!


I voted for Jordin many, many times last night. Won't say how many, you might think me a tad bit obsessed! LOL!! GO JORDIN!!!!

I know, Blake needs to be blonde! husband said "who the heck is that" when Blake walked out! Totally took me a few seconds to get into the song because I was staring at his hair!! LOL!! He is beyond adorable, a great entertainer and so different than the rest. I just love Jordin the teeniest bit more though!

I still stand by Jordin for the win, and either Blake or Melinda in 2nd. Although Lakisha was awesome last night as well.

Hmm, I will probably get flamed, but I disagree. I did not like Blake's performance at all.

(covers self with armor)

I thought Lakisha was fantastic, really redeemed herself. I love that Simon kissed her. Melinda blew me away. in my humble opinion Phil was the best guy last night. I felt bad for Jordin, that was a poor choice of song for her. She tried so hard. Chris was good too. Tonight will be hard. It will be tough to see 2 go.

My prediction: Melinda will take it all.


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I have blown away by Jordin's poise. Most 17 year old's would not have been able to handle a bad performance and the judges' criticism like she did. I'm still rooting for her to win it all.

I missed a couple of the performances since I was on the phone during most of AI. I did see Phil and Lakisha, though, and thought that they did great.

I think it might be Chris and Lakisha that go home tonight. Dialidol still has Jordin in the number one spot so I think that she will be safe tonight despite a subpar performance last night.



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I am also pulling for Jordin to win, but absolutely loved Blake's performance last night. No, he doesn't have top-notch vocals, but the kid is truly multi-talented. His originality is unmatched by any of the other contestant.

Melinda, as always, nailed it. She has, in my opinion, been the only one to hit every note of every song of every genre every week. That being said, however, I still like Jordin for the win.

My hope is that the final three are Jordin, Melinda and Blake. I think they each are amazing in different ways.



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I didn't like Blake's performance in the very beginning, but then I thought he did really well. The very beginning was too slow and weird, but then he sped it up and it was pretty good.

I sure hope that Jordin didn't mess up too bad, that she didn't get enough votes. She's so good, that I'm hoping one bad performance won't hurt. It was a bit painful to listen to.

Lakisha was great.

Melinda was awesome.

Chris was just okay.

Phil is finally growing on me a bit. He was good, not great, but good. I heard a recap on the radio this morning and it didn't sound as good on the radio as it did last night on tv.

I want Melinda and Jordin in the final two. I don't care who else, but love those two girls. It would be a very hard choice for me to choose between those two, since they are both so fantastic. Chris will probably go home tonight (fingers crossed). Lakisha or Phil will probably be the other one to go, just not sure which.

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I really thought Melinda was the best. She has finally lost that really surprised look that I found so irrating in the beginning. I am hoping she wins.


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I am dating myself here, but . . . . I think Bon Jovi was my first real love. Having admitted that, I was a bit leery to hear others attempt to sing their tunes, but they actually surprised my by doing them justice.

Poor Jordin. Glad her performance didn't cause enough damage to eliminate her. Still got my "GO Jordin" button.

Melinda surprised me by rocking it. I agree with you, sameold, that deer-caught-in-headlights, oh my gosh look of surprise was really getting old. You are good, girl, you know it. Own it already! Jeesh!

When Blake started out, I said uh-oh, but he pulled it off. I don't know that I would go out and buy his cd based on that, but I liked it overall.

Phil was growing on me. I am sure that he will get a recording deal out of this - country, maybe? Chris being let go didn't really surprise me at this point, either.

I definitely think next week will be intersting. First, the kids have to sing Barry Gibb-ish tunes - or at least he's the guest mentor - and second, anyone who goes will be a loss to the contest at this point, imvho.

Yesterday on my way to the psychiatrist appointment, I heard Bucky Covington singing on our local country station. Not too shabby. Probably the song has been out a while - I never get to listen to the radio, but I was glad he got something out of his AI stint anyway.

Taylor Hicks is going to play about 45 minutes away from here sometime this summer. Ought to be interesting. I haven't heard too much from him - has anyone? Maybe it's just the fog I'm in.