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Tell those boys they better be extra good because they have a surprise coming in the mail next week.

Jamie is out now and he is sending them some autographed genuine marine corp issued clothing. Now do tell them that you cant be a difficult child and wear Marine stuff...lmao.

Im picking the stuff up this weekend and will stuff it in the mail monday. Hope they love it.


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You and Jamie rock!!!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
Semper Fi!!!
Ken and Corey
It took me 5 minutes to get them to stop bouncing around to calm down to type a thank you. Jamie, you have no idea how great this is for the boys esp Ken. We have watched "Annapolis" weekly since Christmas. Any thing the has to do with the USMC is just tops in his world. He told the psychiatrist "UHH,rah".
Thanks for making their week,