Android restrictable chat program?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nerfherder, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. nerfherder

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    So, last month Kiddo got the Nabi Inspire (part of their Gifted 10K program for autistic kids.)

    She's 18, functions as I have said about the level of a 4 to 6 year old.

    As an experiment, I put Google Hangouts on there, and set her up with her dad and her sister (not living with us) and me. This is convenient for me (her bedroom has an alarm on the door, and rather than make noise she will msg me with questions and stuff) and nice for her dad who likes to chat with her.

    The problem is it took about 3 weeks, but she has figured out how to add people. I checked with a friend at Google, and there is no way to put any kind of restricted access to or from others that she can't defeat on her own.

    So, does anyone out there have or know of an Android chat program of some kind that can only work for the people who have it loaded, and that can be set with restrictions from an adult account? There's no legal issues, her dad and I have court ordered guardianship so we're not restricting her civil rights. we're just being parents.

    Any help from any of yall? Thank you.
  2. PirateMom

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    I have an android and I haven't heard of a chat program for what your asking for right now. Im sure as more kids get cell phones and tablets this might be a possibility. Three years ago games for kids on iPad were very limited and those that were out were expensive. Now that more parents are letting their kids play on the iPads children's apps have exploded onto the scene. Maybe this will happen for chat programs as well? Sounds like until they do that you'll need to go through her "friends list" from time to time and her chat history to make sure no funny business is going on. Best of luck!
  3. nerfherder

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    I took away her Hangouts - I can't be watching over her shoulder, and a lot could happen in between times I can.

    I've talked to DEX and one or two other geeks - we may actually have to develop something ourselves. It may be only browser-based, at first - as for smartphone/tablet use, we'd have to come out with versions for two OS's minimum - my stuff and her Nabi are Android, DEX's and Big Sister's smartphones are iOS, my laptop is Ubuntu, he has an Apple and a Windows system, and I have no idea what Big Sister's using.

    If we come up with something for beta-testing, I'll let y'all know.
  4. PirateMom

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    Find a need, create a solution and market it! That's a great way to solve a problem, I love it! I'm sure your not the only parent out there that needs an app like that. I love positive thinking like this. Wishing you success and good fortune!
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    have you considered a parental control program? Check out and see if any of them would do what you want. I know I read one of them lets you do something with facebook but what Im not sure.